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My Ethical Dilemma

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´╗┐Angelica Guzman AP Literature- Per.5 Mr. Crook 12/21/12 My Ethical Dilemma Throughout my life I have had many ethical dilemmas I have had to encounter with, however, some easier than others. One of the worst one?s I have come to encounter with was at the age of thirteen. Not being taken care of as a child was hard, but I knew it was for understandable reasons, yet I was always taken care of people who have loved me, and that I do appreciate. I was always taken care of in Rosemead, and in one of the worst parts of it. There were always gun shots here and there, theft, and rape. ...read more.


Yet, as we walked down the block, Destiny pulled out a Twix chocolate bar, and a stick of Starburst, I was speechless and astonished not knowing what to do. She handed them to me and told me to pick one, but my excuse was ?I wasn?t hungry, and I didn?t want to over stuff myself.? She looked at me as if I had made just any excuse, so I took, and I remember, it was a pink and red starburst. But as I opened it and placed it in my mouth, I felt a certain guilty feeling in my stomach, I had practically gone along with the theft. ...read more.


My friend?s mom made Destiny pay the clerk for what she had stolen, she also got into tremendous trouble. I also got into trouble, I wasn?t allowed to go out, and had to come straight home after school and was only allowed to go out in the front porch. After the consequences were over, Destiny continued stealing, however me and her were no longer friends, she went her way and I went mine becoming known as the goody goody or tattle tale. All in all, I was proud of the decision I had made, though I still think to this day and tell myself, ?I should have never even took those two Starbursts? but know I now best and have not stolen anything nor have been part of anything of such. ...read more.

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