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My fairytale story.

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MY FAIRYTALE STORY It all started on a cold winter's night, when princess Tara was walking along through the empty streets, she had just been to the bank wand was on her way home. Her eyes twinkled as the moon shone in her eyes, wind was blowing through her hair and Tara tucked into her scarf, with her hands snuggled in her pockets. She walked down humming a tune in her head. A gentle tap on her shoulder interrupted her. "Excuse me do you have 70p for the bus? I seem to have left my wallet at home," said the man with a husky voice. Tara turned round to see a man dressed in black. Tara couldn't see his face very well, his cap had blocked off the light shining from the street lamps. "Yes I do." Tara sighed as she pulled her hand out with her purse. She unzipped her leather purse and took out a pound "you can have ......" before she could even finish her sentence the man took off at high speed with her purse. What the man didn't know was that Tara was a princess with magical powers inherited from her parents. Tara whipped out her hand and pointed her finger and ordered "stop!" Immediately the man froze, stuck to the ground whilst he struggled to move. "What's happening to me? What are you?" said the puzzled man. ...read more.


He had dark brown spiky hair, and had a dazzling smile. "I'm really happy for you" smiled Tara "Look, do you wasn't to see something special? Its not that far away" said Jordan glimpsing at his banged up ford car parked outside. "erm, sure" Tara wasn't quite sure if she was comfortable getting into a strangers car, but it was something about Jordan that made her trust him. They drove up a hill where they parked at the top of a cliff. They got out and sat on the bonnet, and stared at the sky as the sunset approached. "I come here all the time, when I was young I used bunk off school and just sit here. It was the only time I was truly alone." Jordan said staring up. Tara saw a different side of him. Deep inside there was something about him that she really likes, he was quite mysterious. "It's beautiful, it really is" Tara whispered, she beamed with delight as she saw just how beautiful the sunset was. It was starting to get late so Jordan took her home. He pulled up outside her place. "So you're a princess, how does the feel? You really have it all don't you? Jordan sighed as he stared at the white magical palace. ...read more.


"Look I don't think we should be going out we're so different" Jordan said, he said it with no meaning or feeling totally acting like a whole new person and he spoke only with straight tone. Tara took a step back; she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She grabbed her coat and ran outside into the rain. She was devastated, as soon as she ran home she legged it upstairs to her room. Her mum ran after her and comforted her. "Look I know what happened he dumped you, and your upset," her mother said "How did you know? Do you have anything to do with this? Oh my god, of course you do! That's why he was so strange! Mother tell me the truth do you have something to do with this?" Tara screamed as tears fell from her eyes. "Listen I might of done something but it was for the best, I was trying to protect you" "PROTECT ME FROM WHAT? LOVE?" Tara ran out of the room, she had to get away. She knew she couldn't let her mother ruin her chances. So she ran to Jordan's house and tried to explain everything to him and how he was under a spell. Weeks passed and Tara still remained in love with Jordan. Tara finally patched things up with her mother after a numerous arguments. And Jordan decided to do what was best...ask Tara to marry him. They lived happily ever after. Fiona Man ...read more.

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