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My Family

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My Family "Why do you consistently try ruining my life?" I screamed, while slamming my bedroom door. "Maybe if you went out with some civilised boys once in a while, I wouldn't have to vet your dates," shouted back my Dad. No-ones ever right for Daddy's little girl. The guy that I am going out with at the moment is called Fred and he is the nicest guy in the world. Why then, would my dad want to wreck my dates with him? 'Appearance'. The clothes he wears are dreadful. I can only imagine that it is all down to his appearance. Even if I say so myself, his dress sense doesn't leave much to be desired. However, he's worth fighting over. Not many parents turn up to their daughter's dates and ruin it. I lay on my bed thinking about my family. There are four of us, my Mum, Dad, older brother and myself. My Mum seems to be the only one that understands me. Maybe it's because she's my Mum or maybe it's because us girls have to stick together. My Mum's maiden name is Jill Wellar and once she married my Dad, James Atlas she also took the second name as Atlas. ...read more.


It just showed how much of a caring guy he must be. "Sarah, are you there?" "Yea, sorry. Listen I'm really sorry about last night. My Dad is just really over-protective," I said. "Don't worry about it, I know how parents are. I phoned because I need to see you again. You're brilliant and I had a lovely time last night until your Dad came along." "Thanks," I replied blushing. "So, when am I going to see you again?" he asked. "Tonight. Firstly I think we both know why my Dad doesn't like you." "Yea, I suppose," he responded. "Come to my house tonight at seven and wear the nicest clothes that you have. Preferably a jacket and tie. After my Dad has seen you in nice clothes he'll realise that you're a nice guy and let us go out. The address is 387 Twilight Road, Surbiton. " "Not only are you beautiful, but also clever. See you later." "Bye," I replied, leaping out of my bed like a frog. I had a quick shower, threw on my clothes and headed downstairs to enjoy the fried breakfast that I had smelt wafting up the stairs. ...read more.


"Why are you here?" my Dad asked. "I was wishing to take your daughter to the cinema," Fred replied. "Your wish has been granted. Have a lovely evening" said my Dad with a small grin on his face. "Thanks Dad," I said giving him a tight squeeze. "Look after her, Fred," replied my Dad. Fred carried on walking to the gate while I stayed with my Dad for a minute. "How'd you know?" I asked, as he was closing the front door "Fred still has a bit of black make-up on the back of his neck," replied my Dad. "Why did you change your mind?" I asked. "Well, last night when I lay on my bed I realised that you're big enough to look after yourself. However, you'll always be Daddy's girl. You just won't be Daddy's little girl anymore." "Thanks Dad," I said giving him another hug. "When you bring her home Fred, I will give you the list of rules for dating my daughter," shouted my Dad, while we were exiting the premises. "O.K Mr.Atlas." "You know something, I feel quite good in these clothes," said Fred as we sauntered away from my house. It just goes to show how days change from being terrible to memorable. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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