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My family.

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English Coursework Task B (second draft) I had passed nine years of my life, as though I were living the life of a princess. Never had I experienced much pain, grief or regrets. I had always been a happy little girl whose desires and wishes were always fulfilled. Both my parents loved my brother and me dearly. Our family had its ups and downs and we weren't particularly compatible with my father's side of the family, but that slight hitch never came between us. My family. I had always feared for my father's life, for he had the life threatening disease of diabetes. He'd always had to watch what he ate as a little too much sugar in his body, could be fatal. He was always tempted by sugary foods as he, like me had a bit of a sweet tooth, but then he would look at us, that is my mum, my brother and I and somehow he never ate the sweet foods. My father made continuous visits to the hospital, as he occasionally had a deficiency of insulin in his body, and sometimes he would have aches and pains in parts of his body. Our general G.P, had prescribed various types of medication; bitter medicines, tablets, injections. He was instructed by the doctor to inject himself several times a day, either in his upper arm or the upper leg. ...read more.


At the hospital, my very mixed feelings were exchanged by a sudden urge, a desire- a necessity to see him. I asked my mother in which my father lay. 'avisha,'' she whispered. A chill ran down my spine. Her tone was delicate as if she was on the verge of crying. ''He is in the ICU'' ''Can I go and see him.'' I pleaded, as I searched her weary face, for clues to how he might be doing. Her face remained blank apart form the worried expression, which was very obvious. ''No, he needs to rest'' was all she said, guiding me to the waiting room. We waited. And waited. And waited. By this time, my brother had joined us. He too, wore the same expression as she had done. Worried. An emptiness began to grow in the pit of my stomach. It grew and grew. I didn't know what to feel. Sad? Horrified? Angry? I was very confused. I hated the situation my family was in. losing all faith in God; I began cursing God in my mind. He had a lot to answer for. Why me? Why us? The same thoughts kept running in my mind over and over again. Couldn't God find someone else? There are millions of people in this world and he could have taken anyone. Anyone. Hours went by, as we continued to sit in the room in silence. ...read more.


I have never seen death and I did not know what to expect. My father lay there, very still. He lay there as if he were asleep. A thought entered my mind. My father was asleep. A deep and peaceful sleep, in which he would sleep forever. Yesterday, he was smiling, talking and chuckling. To think I would never hear him laugh or speak ever again. Never! Now I only have the memories of him smiling and laughing, but those memories will always be with me forever. Now, at the present age of fourteen, I miss him dearly, but I have my memories. I think about him everyday. I have a lot of good memories and when I think about them, I really appreciate the good times we all had as a family. I know that he is watching over us and I hope he is proud of me. Sometimes, my mind drifts off and I think of where he might be, whether he is in the region of spirits if such a region existed, or maybe he is living another life in another body. It is something that I will never know. Now, at the present, I'm living a comfortable life, though we don't have as many luxuries, as my mum is single but occasionally our wishes are fulfilled, but not always, as she believes in discipline and she doesn't believe in spoiling us as she think that it will lead to greed and immoral behaviour. ...read more.

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