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My Favourite Five Movies.

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My favourite movies 1 The Last Emperor Bernardo Bertolucci This movie tells the story of Pu Yi the last emperor of China. The locations and the costumes used in this film are stunning. It is notable that it was filmed completely on location in China, and claims the honour of being the first movie to contain scenes shot inside the Forbidden City. While John Lone is appealing as the Emperor the role of his mentor is done by Peter O'Toole with ease. Complementing its visual magnificence is the sharply and cleverly written screenplay which unfolds a lovely story, sad, emotional, and in some way, surprisingly heartening. This film really demands more than one viewing. 2 My Left Foot Jim Sheridan The most important facet about this movie is the brilliant performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, who is one of the best actors of our time. ...read more.


Using his left foot he begins to paint and write poetry. The scene where Christy spells out M-O-T-H-E-R on the floor summarizes the essence of this film. 3 Four Weddings and a Funeral Mike Newell Situated in present day England, one of the features of this film that makes it so appealing is the appropriateness with which the comedy is presented. The charming Hugh Grant and the ravishing Andie MacDowell are at the forefront of the piece. At the same time an admirable job of developing all of the characters is done by Newell. He briefly provides sufficient specifications to each individual character to give the film enough depth and dimension, without having to essentially go in to too much of details. ...read more.


5 Little Miss Sunshine Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris Notable is the fact that this is the directorial film debut of the husband-wife team of Jonathan and Valerie. This comedy drama exudes tenderness and charm regardless of the fact that it is dealing with dark areas of death and dysfunction. Seven-year-old Olive, played effectively by the natural Abigail Breslin, has one wish in life: to be considered for the finals of the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant in Redondo Beach, California. Genuinely, this movie is cruel to its characters. But eventually, it's extremely inspiring. As the script writer Michael Arndt himself has put, family's starting separately and ending together. Those that almost made it Chocolat: Lasse Hallstr´┐Żm The Silence of the Lambs: Jonathan Demme Lost in Translation: Sofia Coppola Good Will Hunting: Gus Van Sant Up in the Air: Jason Reitman ...read more.

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