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My Favourite Place

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My Favorite Place Every year since I was born I have been to sunny shimmering Salcombe for my holidays. Winter and summer each have their own special memories; even in winter I can be sunny and warm, just right for picnics and walks along the rugged, panoramic coast paths. My favorite time is during the Salcombe Regatta, which is held during the first two weeks of August. Two weeks of sand, sailing, swimming and snorkeling! Starting of at the busy quay at Kingsbridge, the boat is rigged and ready for the sail round to Mill Bay. The sail round is full of moving obstacles, moored boats, fishing boats and the One and only Kingsbridge ferry. I have to stay way clear of that, as it just does not get out of you way! Have to keep the small dinghy safe for racing. As my dad and I sail past the moored boats, I try to tuck into fruit pastels and a drink. I hear a screeching sudden shout and have to tuck, just missing a crazy motorboat that just isn't going to give way to sail. ...read more.


but the owner of the beach doesn't mind as the dams are always broken at the end of each tiring day and the water is free to run down to the sea again. This happened year after year as one of my friends grandparents remembered doing exactly the same thing. No Harm done then, eh! Across the shimmering estuary from East Portlemouth you can see the brightly painted houses of Salcombe. It's a must to get into the inflatable tender and motor over and get a warm pasty from the bakers. Then walk up to the glorious Yacht Club and sign on to do the racing. Walking through the busy, winding streets of Salcombe you pass all kinds of different shops. People rushing here and there going about there businesses, either getting ready to sail, or just eating a delicious Salcombe Dairy Ice-cream over looking the crowed harbor. Racing at Salcombe can be hazardous to say the least. Imagine you are on the start line with another 40 or so boats, the loud gun goes off and there are boats tacking everywhere. ...read more.


Amazingly enough, the damage was minimal and we were able to sail the last race of the regatta. Other activities can be found during the action packed two weeks. Finding the "Blunders" in the shop windows, waiters and waitresses race, greasy pole, the mud race, yes it muddy all right!!! Even if you do not sail, Salcombe has something to offer for everyone crabbing is great fun, just sitting on the quay with your line dangling down, waiting for the unexpected crab, plop. In it goes, into the bucket. Last count was 36!!!! It's a wonder the butchers don't get fed up with people asking for meat for crabbing, but they don't, year in and year out is the same request, " Please may I have some bait for crabbing?" "Yes of course", says the butcher smiling. Another highlight of Salcombe is THE BIG HIPPO. Out on the body board on the sand bank, when the tide is coming in. I love it as the huge waves come crashing in and carry you along until you flip over. Visiting Salcombe year after year is like experiencing a new adventure every time. ...read more.

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