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My First Day at College

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My First Day at College The rain was pounding against my window as I awoke at the 'ungodly' hour of seven thirty. It was bad enough that I had to be there for 9 AM. I felt so secure and warm wrapped up in my winter duvet. It was the best feeling in the world. As I finally dragged my self out of the comfort and security of my bed, I felt the cold as I rushed to get a shower. I didn't really want to go, but something inside me told me I should; it would be for the best. Today wasn't just my first day at college; it was the start of a journey. I arrived early, about eight thirty. I'll always remember that totally lost feeling. I felt as though I was in a jungle, a concrete jungle. The buildings were like the trees and the people were like the wild animals. The jungle seemed to be full of monkeys and other wild animals. ...read more.


As I walked in to the drama hall, I was nervous. These were the jungle animals I would spend the year with. I would have to make friends with them. They had split the room in half; the intermediate students were put on the left and the connection students were put on the right. The whole of the left-hand side was full. Every seat was taken. A few of the animals from the left-hand side had moved to the right hand side, because it was so full. There were only a few people on the right hand side, so I sat near them. In the drama hall we had a talk about the college, where to go if we needed help, what was expected of us. The voice droned on for about forty-five minutes. Throughout this talk, people joined my side of the room. This could be good or bad I thought. Good because I wasn't quite so on my own but bad because I didn't really like the looks of any of them. ...read more.


Linda showed our group to our room, which was to be our cell for the year. As we walked down the corridor towards our destination we walked past room after room of sports equipment and sporty looking people. We were taken up some of the steepest steps I've ever been up. Our room was full of computers. You could smell them; you could hear them. I was relieved; I wanted to use computers. I was only in college for about an hour, filling in forms and answering questions. We only used the computers for the last fifteen minutes, when we were setting up our student account, which involved setting our user name and password. We were given our timetable. I was in the next morning at nine. So I went home, that was my first day of the journey through the jungle. I started walking home; by this time it had stopped raining. I felt good about my self; I had survived my first day at the jungle known as college. I thought to myself, one down only another three years to go! ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Butterworth Page 1 of 2 Final Draft ...read more.

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