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My first day in Canada

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My first day in Canada I have just come off the plane. I finally have arrived and brought all my dreams here in Canada. I didn't know much about Canada but I knew exactly that Canada looked like USA at least about life and culture. The Montreal airport was very beautiful, big and modern with noise at all. Suddenly I felt lonely in this strange world and kind of disappointed because it was not like as things I expected before. There were so many people around me, and they seemed to be in a hurry, but I didn't know why, I thought that they might not have time to think about silly things like me right now. ...read more.


Out of the airport, in the afternoon, it was raining and so cold, so I had to put on my jacket and felt uncomfortable with the weather because I hated coldness and humidness at all. The air was really fresh but the sky was gray and cloudy. That day was not really a good day to enjoy this new country. I was following my uncle and aunt to a parking, then put my luggage into the car and started a trip to Ottawa where I will live in years. Not so long, they drove the car on highway and always be on high speed. The atmosphere became more cold and quiet. ...read more.


Not much light, not many cars, not many people on road and I thought the night here will not be interesting like my country. Soon we stopped in the front of the door of my uncle and aunt. The house was really nice even in night when I looked at the house. At that time I knew that I will have to live in long time to finish my plans in this strange place with very different things. I will have time to discover things which I will live with them but that day was my first day in Canada, and I didn't wanted to think too much at first day because I will start a new life tomorrow not to day, not first day. Everything changes every day but with me, the first day in Canada is always in my mind. ...read more.

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