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My First Memories.

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My First Memories "Come on! Hurry up you're going to be on any minute!" She yelled as she belted down the corridor holding my hand and somebody else's. I remember being dragged along like a child's limp rag-doll, bounding side to side. I was ushered into the darkened, suffocating hall filled with row upon row of chairs, where all the people would come in and scrutinize every move I was about to make. And as I continued walking, it all struck me. I don't want to be in here! I didn't want to be in this dumb play. I never even wanted to be in the play in the first place! I wasn't given any choice as to whether I wanted to be in it. From the beginning it was just as if, "you're in the play whether you like it or not!" but was never asked. I was forced to go along with it. The costume I wore trailed along behind me. It was way too large for me but I still had to wear it. I had to now and again gather up the muddy coloured, threadbare costume so that I would not trip over it. ...read more.


I had just moved into our new house a few days earlier, so I hadn't been into the garden that much. There was one part where I hadn't been yet, I called it the "jungle" because it was shrouded in darkness and was taken over by ivy as if that area was invaded by it. We had set out to "explore". I walked up the mound of mud to the "jungle", my cousin followed slightly apprehensively behind me. There it was! It sat there looking like a big boulder, not moving. It was a brown- green colour with bumps on its shell. My cousin ran away like a scared mouse. He ran into the house thinking that the tortoise was a monster out to get him. I picked it up and took it into the baking sunlight and out of the "jungle". My Sister told me not to touch it or otherwise I would catch some deadly disease. I didn't listen to her. The tortoise didn't do much, it just sat there munching away at the grass that hadn't been mowed in weeks. I remember vividly thinking we could keep it as the new portable lawnmower. ...read more.


When I was younger I was always scared of spiders and big flying insects, so this was one of my worst nightmares come true. The ground looked as if it was alive in places, it moved where there was a mini swarm of them. Everywhere I looked there were these pests, I fought to keep them off of me. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the nearest phone box to call my Dad to pick me up even though my house was only a few minutes away. The heat in the car was almost unbearable, but was still better than the mayhem that the flies were causing out side. For a while the normally bustling streets turned into a ghost town. The unknown "things" had invaded and taken over the street. When it got dark and cooler they gradually went. Just as soon as they had come they had left. All that was left behind were the carcasses of the "things" that had died. To this day it has always remained a mystery about where they came from and where the thousands of flies went. I think that presumably they came from a freak incident because of the really hot weather that year. I think I'll never really know. ...read more.

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