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My First Morning At School.

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My First Morning At School (GCSE English Course Work) It was the 17th March 1997. My first day of school. I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 am. I went to the toilet to wash my face, where I saw a big red spot on my forehead: that was the first sign of bad luck. I heard my mum coming out of her room:, "Are you ready for your big day?" "No", I moaned anxiously, pretending to be sick. "You are going to school today, so don't even try it!". My mum could see right through me, and knew I wasn't sick. I was really scared as I stepped through the front gates of what was about to be my new school, counting every step I took. ...read more.


She opened the door really slowly, causing the old and rotten door to make a terrifying noise. This attracted all the students' attention. I was really embarrassed as I stood outside of the classroom. She went in and called the leading classroom teacher outside for a moment, to have a word with my mum. I was told to introduce my mother and myself, and teacher introduced herself; her name was Ms.Willis. I went inside the classroom with my teacher. Even though I was taller than most of them I felt as though I was surrounded by giants. Ms. Willis told everyone to sit on a nasty dirty carpet that had chewing gum all over it, which was at the back of the classroom, and told me to introduce myself to introduce myself to everyone. ...read more.


My teacher shouted out, "Stop what you are doing and line up outside". I followed everyone as they stopped and lined up outside, and stood at the back of the line. My teacher came out locked the door and led us to this big shiny stairwell. It was so clean and shiny you could see your reflection on the floor. I stepped inside the stairwell: it was reeking of expired food. Every step I took, the smell was getting worse and worse. We finally got inside the dinner hall. It was big: there were 14 long tables inside it. You would have to be quiet to get your lunch but my table was noisy so we didn't get to go first. We eventually got there I felt humiliated by the food the school was offering. It looked like food that was cooked yesterday. That was the final humiliation of the day. Rayan Omar ...read more.

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