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My first under 16 state cricket match

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My First Under 16 Inter State Cricket Match - Descriptive Coursework As I walked out onto the field, the whole crowd erupted into cheers. It was the perfect day to go out and bat; bright sunny skies without a cloud in sight, the ovular ground as lively as it could possibly be and the ground very dry as the sun shone upon it constantly all raised my spirits. As I strode out further into the ground, the cheering from the spectators grew even more feral in nature. This proved to me that my previous exploits had not been unheard of. From the corner of my eye I spied a person literally jumping out of his sit with an attempt to land on the pitch itself, it seemed. The temperature was a little low since it was only 8:30 in the morning, with the occasional dragonfly buzzing around the players. The grass was neatly trimmed and well taken care of. The ball would not bounce unexpectedly today. I heard some crickets screeching, barely audible along with the rest of the din. ...read more.


Precious time was being lost, time which could be used productively. The selectors sat on the left side of the pitch, in their usual white shirts, hats and black trousers, wondering if they had made the correct decision of putting me in the team. The most elderly of the selectors was sitting there and scratching his bald head and wondering what had gone wrong, since he was the prime party in selecting me. My partner, who was younger than me took the strike at the end of the maiden over. Runs started coming onto the board soon after he started batting. His bat just kept flowing like waves hitting the seashore. An hour I got fifty runs, thanks to the confidence I got from my partner and partly due to the fear of getting removed from the first team due to a lack of performance. My spirits lifted and I started smiling to the crowd, who were noisily applauding me for my late success. The fielders were running scatterbrained all over the field wondering if it was possible to stop the ball from crossing the boundary at all, a thin line which separated success and temporary failure for the batsmen. ...read more.


The bowler just stood in his place and took the catch as the ball fell into his well manicured hands. I just stood there, contemplating the actions that had taken place a few moments ago. It was now in the middle of the night, the bright stadium lights the only source of illumination in the now dull and dreary atmosphere. The insects were now in full attendance, swarming near every light source they could find. The mosquitoes, now arriving in hoards were having a field day. The dragonflies, buzzing around noisily although lazily added to the assortment of creatures already irritating every other living being they could find. I was slow in walking back to the pavilion, not willing to accept what had just happened, even though success was flooding through me. The fielders were still celebrating over my wicket, lifting each other up and constantly whooping as if they had already won the match. As I entered the dressing room, I quickly stole a glance at the selectors. All of their countenances were completely impassive. And being in cricket I was pretty sure of what that meant. I think I had just earned a permanent place in the state under - sixteen cricket team. Done By: Tanay Sood Word Count: 982 words ...read more.

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