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My ghost story.

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John mason English coursework: My ghost story. The bus bumped along the long winding roads of Little Shore Island, which is where I lived. Most people thought that Little Shore Island was a beach town where families go on holidays to lie in the sun, swim, fish, and even take boats out onto the wide, sky blue lake that was embedded at the foot of the tall, majestic mountains. It was a very beautiful town it was almost picturesque. The ride from the local school was, as usual, long and boring. Most of my friends had gotten off in the town centre to look around the mall. I rested my chin on my hands and stared blankly out of the window at the pine trees and the poppy fields. My house was quiet far out of the town; in fact it was almost at the foot of the mountains right next to the lake. It was brilliant to live here in the summer I could go onto the lake and relax in the sun; however it was literally miles from my friends. The bus shuddered to a halt. I was the last one on the bus. I thanked the driver and climbed out. The sun was still beating down and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. ...read more.


Nothing there. I sighed with relief. Then my eyes drifted over to the grave, it was just visible over the hedges, and it looked normal, or was their something there? Something seemed to be there but what? Something or someone looked to be there, and it was looking my way! The wind smashed against the window making me jump back. I quickly closed the curtains. I sprinted to the bed and dived in. I lay there wondering what it was doing. Fear had swept over me, I had to look again I had to. I slowly got up and crept over to the window and I peeped out from behind the curtain towards the same spot... there was.... Nothing there or around. I sighed a sigh of relief. Maybe I imagined it? It began to get cold I drifted off uncomfortably into a dreamless sleep. RING RING, the phone broke the still air, RING RING, I woke up with a start, RING RING, I got up and ran to the phone, "Hello?" "Oh hi James its mum" the phone answered, "What's up mum?" I said back "Well there's been a big storm and we can't make it back tonight, will you be alright on your own? ...read more.


"HI!" the yell came from downstairs from Dad; I was startled and jumped around, "Hi" I answered closing the curtains shivering and came running down the stairs, "How did you do?" mum asked, "I did fine, and the house is still standing" I could hear Dad in the kitchen talking to Mum. I went down the stairs and into the front room the room was full with the aroma of Bacon. I went over and put on the T.V and turned it over to 'Sky One'. On the coffee table was today's newspaper 'The Little Shore Yeller' I scanned through it and came to a page, it was weird it was like I was drawn to that page. I found one article entitled '300 year anniversary' I was intrigued. I glanced through the story, when it caught me- the article read 'Last night was the 300-year anniversary of the murder of Edmund Gellar. He was the son of the entrepreneur who lived in Little Shore at 134 Evergreen Close' "wait a minute that's here where I live!" I Gasped I quickly carried on reading 'his body was never found, his father had lost everything his money and his son. They moved after the murder of Edmund. All that's left is the small memorial behind the house on 'Humpy Hill' some rumours go around that he still walks the Hill and around the woods...' "Mum, Dad!" I yelled, "You're never going to believe this!" ...read more.

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