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My 'Great' Husband

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She looked at me with great happiness "my daughter is getting married with a great guy", followed by a wet sloppy kiss on the cheeks. Little did she know how it would turn out. During the big event I felt great and still couldn't believe this day had finally come. Everyone was happily dancing and as I looked to my left I saw my "great" husband, "the love of my life", well that's what I thought back when I was young and foolish. I mean it was great at the beginning, I thought I was in heaven it was like I was flying with angels and fairy's, and like my life was a fairytale fantasy. To be honest it was like I was in my dream world. He did almost everything even though he worked, of course I wanted to help but he wouldn't let me, he always used to say "I don't want my beautiful princess to get tired". Every weekend he would take me out to exotic yet fun places, he would make jokes and we'd laugh until our eyes watered. ...read more.


Instead of taking me out on weekends he replaced it with bringing a bunch of men over to our house to play cards and smoke cigarettes. Our communicating skills became as thin as a thread, he would just tell me what I had to do for him, he treated me like a slave. Our relationship was far from hitting rock bottom, I tried to tell my mum how his behaviour had changed drastically but she chose to be optimistic and just told me that "things will get better soon don't worry", I had enough and knew I had to say and do something. I trampled down the stairs quickly and felt a bit nervous, I looked around and saw him half laid on the sofa with a can of beer in his hands watching a football game. I slowly walked up to him thinking of all the possible responses he would give me, maybe he just doesn't find me attractive anymore or as fun as before or maybe he's seeing someone behind me or it could be that he somehow may of turned gay, I just didn't know why he changed ...read more.


Without having time to plan anything he rampaged through the door and started shouting my name, I felt a bit scared it sounded like he was going to kill me. He stormed in the living room as fast as a tornado and saw me standing there, he stomped his way to me and grabbed me by the neck, pushed me against the wall and started saying "what have you been telling your mum about me" I started choking, my legs were slowly lifting off, I was struggling for air when I slowly looked around and grabbed a vase and smashed it on the head with all the strength I had in me, his hand flung off me as if he just realised I had a skin disease and he fell straight to the floor. He looked dead with blood surrounding him, his eyes were wide open, I couldn't believe it I had killed my husband and I couldn't care less, surprisingly I was very calm and at that moment I made the biggest decision of my life. I felt a huge rock was removed from my back. I walked out and never went back. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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