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My heart beating twice faster than usual, I stepped trembling onto the platform. Although I was very happy to have won the award, I felt whether I really deserved this award. Couldn't I have got a better result if I had worked harder?

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A Future Success Story Benedict Mu Jin Choi It was May 2029 and I was in Logan International Airport, having just arrived from London. I was there to receive the Leontief Prize of the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University. As I stepped out into the warm spring air of Massachusetts, I inhaled the clean air and thought of what I had done to be here for the awarding. My mind went back to 2 years ago, late August in 2027 when I was planning my scholarly paper, which would be my first research project as a professor. I was in the library of Birmingham University, searching through the books to find a research subject for the next three months. Suddenly, I recognized a book named the Theory of Modern Economics and its Adaptability to the Current Situation of our Society. I took it from its shelf and started filing through the pages, then an article flew into my mind that I had read 11 years ago in 2016 when I had been in my second year of university. "The current economic theory focused on the allocation of resources for the greatest economic produce has been proved to be inappropriate for the current society. The recently discovered irreversibility of the consumption of natural resources has put the need for a new economic theory into reality. ...read more.


For one year, I worked with my colleagues such as Professor John Henderson and Professor James Limlight who specialized in relations between the society and the economy to revise my model in a way that represented the social part of sustainable development in a mathematical formula. At last, I announced my new doctrine. Mine was the first economic theory which had been able to properly calculate the social variables by mathematics. This time, most of the economists supported my revised research results. It was published in renowned economic magazines such as the Journal of Macroeconomics and the Economic Journal. In April, I was nominated for the Leontief award together with Professor Henderson, who had worked together with me to construct our new economic model. As my thoughts returned to the present, I felt a combined feeling of pride and happiness. My long hours of endless thought and reading had at last achieved fruition. But more than everything, my heart was full of hope that I had today touched the first stepping stone that mankind had to step in order to cross the stream of environmental disaster into the land of sustainable development. I walked across the bridge at the Mystic River and saw the gate of Tufts University before my eyes. I suddenly heard a familiar voice calling my name. ...read more.


I speak to you in the hope that one day, one of you will be able to finish the work that I began and lead humanity into an era of sustainable development. I thank you most sincerely for your high evaluation of my humble feat. You must still remember that I am not the only person in the world who has aided in constructing a new economic theory to replace the current one and there are many more great economists who have done what I have done today. We must pay attention to all the scientists' ideas and keep endlessly revising mankind's plan for a new economic system, adding what is useful and taking away what is inappropriate. I beg you with all my heart to continue our great attempt towards sustainable development." I could speak no more. I stepped back with tears in my eyes. As I sat down to listen to Professor Henderson's speech, my mind was already journeying to the future, thinking what would be my new project this autumn. I then thought, "A scientist's life is endless study and new discoveries, and I really appreciate the fact that I am one even though there is not much personal glory to be gained from it as I get to take the job of aiding humanity towards a better life." And my life will be so for ever on. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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