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My Heroes.

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The reason I have two heroes is because these two people couldn't have been heroes if they didn't have each other. My hero is my father and my heroine is my mother. It wouldn't be possible to say which one had more heroic qualities. When I was about seven, my mum became the victim of passive smoking. She was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a devastating time for the whole family. My mum started going to hospital every week, then every day, then, she would even stay there some nights. It was also deeply upsetting seeing my mother attached to all different kinds of tubes with fluids running through them. But seeing my dad give her the support she needed cheered me up a bit, and it gave my mum strength and courage which I began to see in her. A year crept past, and I became eight. ...read more.


But he did cope with it, taking care of my mum, doing everything she used to do. It was horrible seeing my mum, my own mum, so weak. I never thought anything like cancer would ever happen to anyone in my family, especially my mum. Cancer is the sort of stuff you read about or see on television. It never crosses your mind that it could affect you, but it had happened. It was so hard to believe. As I neared the age of ten, my mum started breathing using an oxygen capsule. It was such a difficult time for our family. This meant she would have to spend most of her time in hospital, but as often as she could, she would come home to visit me and my brother. She couldn't even walk on her own anymore; she had to use a wheelchair. My mum knew that her time was coming to an end, but she surprised me; she wasn't afraid of dying. ...read more.


Raising two children on your own is extremely hard work, and I understand that. The quality that makes my dad a hero though, is his courage. He is determined to carry on with his life and not let what happened ruin his life and ours. He has taken care of us and has been a single parent now for more than five years, so he is very special to us. He has been a great influence in our lives, and we make sure he knows how much we care about him every day. My definition of a hero or heroine is someone very special. They are someone who has qualities not everyone has. my mother's illness opened my eyes and made me realise that my parents showed qualities not many people have. They had the strength and courage that I don't see in many people. That makes a hero or heroine special to me, and it doesn't matter what other people think about it. ...read more.

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