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My Holiday at Crieff Hydro, Dundee.

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´╗┐Dundee, Crieff Hydro The last bag was being squashed into the car when my brother decided to take his golf clubs with him, so they ended up in the back seat with me even though I had a tennis handle pocking in my right side. Then I now had big golf cubs rattling on my left. Now that the car was full my mum started the car and my family set off for Dundee. But first we went past Stonehaven to have a toilet break and to have some breakfast, as we had woken up very early in the morning. After having some food we met my grandparents in Dundee then we drove to Perthshire. I can?t remember how to get to Crieff Hydro because I fall asleep in the car but I can remember turning into a cave-like tunnel of twigs and leafs. The road then leads to the hotel. This is were families register and get the keys to a shally. As you take more attention the hotel you can see how wonderful it looks on the inside. ...read more.


The pool has a baby pool, the big pool, Jacuzzi, hot/cold sauna and a shower room. Back at the shally at night time it is very dark outside. But it?s very homely inside with the glowing lights reflecting of the varnished wood. There are green carpets flowing through the house. In the kitchen the boxes of food are being unloaded into the kitchen cupboards. My brother and I usually stay upstairs in one room, my grandparents next-door and my mum on the big fold out bed downstairs. The next day our family goes down a long road down to the golf course. In the car leafs start to fall because of the rain the forest looks all damp and dreary. When it rains the ground is muddy and it squelches for every step you take. The golf course looks deserted but in fact it?s not because you can see golf balls flying in the air. This is the driving range. That is where I spend most of my time when I?m on the golf course. Up the hill from the driving range there is a golf house were you can get some food and a good cup of tea. ...read more.


Now I have to admit that my favorite shop there is the old fashioned sweetie shop, the shop is light pink, the window displays were mouth watering, at the back of the counter on the wall there is jars upon jars filled with colourful sweets and the big chocolate coins bigger than your hand. The 4th day; time of the dance. The dance is when everyone that is staying in the hydro come down to the hotel and dance in the ball room. The dances are all Scottish - Gay Gordon etc. That is the best part of the holiday and it gives you an excuse to have ice-cream as the ball room gets very hot. The last day; we are packing our bags to leave, this is quite a bad day for me because I shall miss the luxury of the hotel and the shally. But nobody likes to leave after a nice few days on holiday. My conclusion- This is an exciting holiday for most people but I have unfortunately lost some of excitement as I have been on this holiday since I was a little but I have to admit it is a very lovely and relaxing holiday that is easy to enjoy. Travel writing, By Holly Ingram ...read more.

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