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My holiday in Majorca.

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We finally arrived at the immense airport after a long and tiring journey. I was so excited about flying to wonderful Majorca but before we could fly to popular Majorca we had to go to the check in at the boring desks. It's like talking to a computer doing the same thing over and over again. Eventually we could go and wait at the boring boarding gate to go and board our tremendous larger than life aeroplane. Once we had touched down in Majorca you could feel the searing heat it was like a sauna. When I stepped out of the plane the light nearly blinded me, I was anxious but excited to go and see our brand new villa. The villa was on the coast with delightful views of the sandy beaches and the clear deep blue sea. ...read more.


When the country is already hot country enough you might of just goes and sunbathe on the sunny sandy golden beaches. On the Wednesday of the best holiday ever. It was the hottest day yet it was a sweltering 36�C on the beach. The sandy beaches had changed from a quiet peaceful place at 7am to a busy bustling place at midday in the space of just five hours the calm morning had transformed into the jostle of the day. The beach was as busy as bees nest. Everybody was either sunbathing in the scorching heat, in the queue for the banana boat that snaked of into the distance or in the deep blue sea trying to stay well away from the speeding boats. On the Wednesday evening we went out to the best restaurant in town La Malagana and got the all you could eat buffet it was massive. ...read more.


had been looking after him for most of the day, went on a leisurely stroll around the estate and on the golden beach. My brother had fixed the cards so that he would win ever hand and the game he had never beaten me before I was mystified by it all. On a steamy hot Saturday we had to pack our bags and get ready to leave our delightful villa and take the long tiring journey home. It all started off badly with the taxi turning up an hour late. We had to rush to get to the enormous airport, check in and get to the boarding gate which just had to be furthest away from were we checked in. Once we'd made the round trip to gate 25. It was finally time to say goodbye to a fantastic holiday, amazing people and a great country. By Alex Moffat 9N ...read more.

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