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My Holocaust Story

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My Holocaust Story It all started when I was fourteen. The laws and persecution came much earlier but it was 1939 when the real war began. Hitler was in power and the Nazi organisation had grown out of control. At first it was only small, someone would be beaten in the street or mugged. That wasn't odd though. It happened all the time. When it started to happen more often and when it started being concentrated certain people it became worrying. Jews and disabled people were banned from entering shops and eating at restaurants. People walked on the other side of the street to us and they refused to acknowledge us. Then the laws came. Rules and regulations saying that Jews could not marry any non-Jew enter non-Jewish shops, live with non-Jews, get jobs. The list went on and on. The policemen patrolled the streets with loaded guns. They were free to shoot us if we did not live by these rules. One of the most humiliating of the rules was that we had to wear the Star of David on our clothes to separate us from the other people of our towns. ...read more.


Thankfully we were near the side and therefore nearer to the window high up in the wall. I lifted my brother up until he could breathe and he in turn helped me up to the window. It lasted for several hours. By that time, people were choking in the dark and in the mass of bodies. Light shined in when the doors were thrown open but it was only for us to be kicked out of the truck and into a train. The train journey lasted for days. Days of suffering. My brother was almost killed when he was tripped and trampled on. I hauled him up and wrapped his swollen arm in clothes. Many died on the journey from sheer lack of air and light. I survived with my brother too. Auschwitz. I knew where we were as soon as the train arrived and I dreaded the name. I knew not of what awaited there but I had heard that that was where so many of us were going to be taken. Curiosity overcame my fear and I climbed stiffly from the train with my brother clutching my hand tightly. ...read more.


However when we were saved, I began to regain my trust and although I do still have my faith I do have a lack of understanding whenever the Holocaust comes to mind. I do not believe that it was a test of my faith because I do not believe any God would inflict that on his people for just a test. I don't believe that God brought it on at all. I was entirely thought of and carried out by the men involved: Hitler, Himler, The American and the English governments. I have written the article because I think that people need to understand what befell the Jews and the other persecuted nations. They need to make their own minds up on whether God was the cause or, whether they would have maintained their faith. People who never lived through it could not understand and will never understand quite what happened and what the people involved had to go through. I still feel the pain of my brother leaving more than any other physical or mental pain and I could never forgive his frightful ending but I know it happened to many people other than me and I must accept that it is over and that however hard I try, I cannot turn back time. Hannah Francis ...read more.

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