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My Home Town

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My Home Town My hometown Shaxian is a medium sized city in South-Eastern China. I grew up and was educated there, until I went to university. After graduating from university, I went back to Shaxian and got my first job as a teacher there. Then I met my husband, married and settled in England. I have been in England for more than 6 years now, but the homesickness has never got better. It is getting worse all the time when I realize any of the Chinese festivals are coming, or when I get fed up with the weather and foods here. Shaxian sits in the middle of Fujian province, it has abundant rainfall, therefore the weather there are very pleasant compared to Northern China or U.K. The four seasons are nearly equally long and distinct from each other very clearly. Spring there is my favorite season. I can still recall the enjoyable time that I spent in spring, lying on the grass and the hours of reading sitting under a big tree. Bathing in the warm sun, breathing the fresh air, smelling the fragrance of flowers and soil, I could even fall asleep sometimes. But the spring here is just too cold for me, and sometimes can make me very confused - because you may have some nice and warm weather in February and January, so you may think the spring is coming, but also you can get the heaviest snow in the year in March and even April. ...read more.


To rearrange for new class, distribute new books, introduce main teachers and clean the classroom are the main tasks to do in the first day of the new term. We were so excited to see old and new friends in a new classroom, chatting, frolicking, the whole classroom just like a hive. When we got the new books, we couldn't wait to opening, exploring and comparing which book was designed more beautifully. We also preciously covered the new books with beautiful out of date calendar as their extra skin. Some kids enjoy the smell of the new book, some kids start to colour the pictures inside the book, which is quite popular among girls, and they even have competitions in-between to compare whose colouring is most beautiful. It is time to introduce teachers now, the whole class suddenly like a silent sea, all sit properly and look forward to seeing their favorite teachers turn out, or willing to give a good impression for new teachers in this new start. After introduction, it is the cleaning time. It is another exiting time, we chatting while we cleaning. Talking about good foods, exiting adventures during summer holiday, remark on new teachers, making new friends, and getting to know each other.....We have never feel cleaning job is so interesting at home, although sometimes fighting also happen, as some naughty boys teats each other use the mop as a gun. ...read more.


As in Chinese this banquet is call "tuan yuan fang", which mean reunion banquet, if someone missing, it is always a pity. Dumplings, New Year cake, tofu, and fish are four typical must foods in the banquet. Stands for lucky, fortune and wealthy in the New Year. The other important folklore in the New Year Eve is "Shou sui", which mean all the family stay up late until the mid-night, to welcome the New Year in. One the New Year day, everybody wear new cloth; visit each other with their New Year greetings. Red package with some money in is given by adult to children, to wish them healthy and lucky in the New Year. Firecrackers, firework, dragon and lion dance are all liven up the atmosphere. On the Lantern Festival, there are firework display, lantern shows and garden parties throughout the country. "yuan xiao" is the food made exclusively for Lantern Festival, it is made of glutinous rice flour , the size is smaller than table-tenise, there are sweet stuffing made by sesame, read been mash, or peanut mash. So the Lantern Festival is also called Yuanxiao Festival. I miss my rhathymia childhood spend in hometown, miss the weather, the foods, the culture, the atmosphere, the people, and the social interactions. Hometown has always been a place where my best memories are. ...read more.

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