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My Ideal House

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An isolated island with stimulating, gold beaches or the elegance and serenity of the peace in a glorious forest. A special place could be as extravagant as those or as simple as your favourite cosy sofa. They reach out with much more than striking or comforting quality. Some of our dearest memories happen to us in these places; one of the places is my ideal home. A definition of a home is: A home is a place where a person, family, or group of people live together. A home usually acts as a place to sleep and store personal property, and contains sanitary facilities and a means of preparing food. However gradually a home will affect a person personality or the way they behave, therefore a home is seen as an important aspect of our life apart from having all our personal items it has all our personal memories some which cannot be framed in a picture but can feel in the house's atmosphere. ...read more.


The ebony coloured sofa is flattened by the wild jump we jumped. However we don't reach the roof, as the roof burst free from our bellowing screams. Our chandelier is now hanging down from heaven. The-wooden dinning table is engraved by the passionate debates and the warm food imprinted throughout generations. Our dining table is fossilized. The crumbs of bread festivity escape the decay. The soft pudding is hidden by the overshadowing tablecloth, which is demolished by the sharp knife and fork piercing its way for its prey on the vulnerable plate. The dining table has a welcoming atmosphere embracing me with all the happiness and warm emotions we've experienced on that table. The kitchen glowed like hot coals in the radiance of the evening sunset. The sunset was approaching as it began to lose the intensity of its heat. However the metallic kitchen shielded us from its remorseless, blistering ray. ...read more.


As we dance violently to the beat, swinging our arms to different direction. We become so energetic that even my rooms is dancing. I open the windows to escape the anxiety the astonishing garden grasp my gaze. In the darkness it looks like a callous murderer hunting for its victim as the moon silver rays shine ferociously on it. However the Garden is where our souls are let free in that open green space, we're able to do what we want from just lying looking at the star wondering how small we actually are to playing. The garden doesn't look spectacular is just a normal modern garden with a bench, trees but what we experienced could not be describe in words. My garden is just a planned space outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature including birth natural and man-made materials. I shut the window to be embraced by the welcoming bed which stimulates my mind. Before I daze off to an adventures dream I say: "Home Sweet Home, There's no place like Home!" ...read more.

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