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My Ideal School

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The school would need to have water fountains and provide lunch to buy in the cafeteria so children can meet their needs for hydration and hunger. After school sport programs would exist so children can get an adequate amount of movement for their bodies to stay healthy. Air conditioning and heating in the building would be needed so everyone's body temperatures would stay constant, or else they'd easily get sick. The school would not have any gangs, bullying, or hazing to ensure everyone's safety. Students should respect their classmates, as well as their teachers. In return, teachers need to respect their students. There is a limit to student/teacher relationships. ...read more.


The school can offer one-on-one tutoring after school so any extra academic needs of students can be met. In the classroom setting, teachers need to assign individual and group projects for students to be able to learn to work with others and get their own work done. When students achieve high scores (not just once or twice, but consistently), they should be recognized. Even those who have a hard time in school need encouragement for teachers. Student cooperation cannot be forced, though that would be the best if peers help one another out. Once a quarter or so, teachers should assign students a big or challenging project to test the students' creative abilities. ...read more.


These people are all vital in shaping students' lives. They will follow the examples they see. Parents should support their children in school activities and help them with homework if needed. Sometimes, people need a helping hand. School may feel tiring and tedious to work at. That's why students need to be constantly reminded by teachers that school is a must for a successful and easier future. School helps students find their interest and develop knowledge towards their future career. One last school rule that should be implemented is the no tardy/absence rule. Students need to know that they must attend class or they are hurting themselves and others around them. Students need to understand that they will have to face negative consequences if they do not cooperate. In conclusion, schools need to have a caring and respecting environment for everyone to work together. ...read more.

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