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My journey. I hadnt seen my father for three years and I wanted to see him so bad, I also wanted to move the United States of America

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´╗┐Emotional Journey-Liam Daisley Have you ever wanted to do something so bad, you can?t wait and it actually seems the days and hours are getting longer as you get close? I hadn?t seen my father for three years and I wanted to see him so bad, I also wanted to move the United States of America which had been my dream since I was a little child. My dad had left for the United States when his business failed and he had to find a job which was better than his business and after a few years he decided to move his family as well. I was excited and couldn?t wait until the last week I had to spend in Greenock but then I realized what I was about to live behind, most of my relatives and friends, my home, it was going to very hard for me to leave the place I called home for fifteen years. ...read more.


We faced the direction we were coming from, watching everything fade away one by one from our site. Finally we got to the airport, then we had to say some more goodbyes including one to my mom who I didn?t feel so attached from because she was to join us in a few days. Scanning our bags didn?t take long and very soon I couldn?t see anyone I knew in sight except my siblings. We boarded the flight and flew to Manchester which only took approximately forty five minutes, here more people boarded and all this time I am trying to figure out how to operate my television which had been programmed for Spanish. This was my second time on a plane, this was a bigger plane but I had bigger things to worry about, my siblings. The second flight was only five hours from Manchester to Holland. We got to Amsterdam very early in the morning, it was still a little dark outside and I could see the beautifully patented airport runway lights blinking at different intervals and could be seen from miles away. ...read more.


I was perplexed because I had never had or herd of ice tea in my life. It also didn?t taste good when I decided to try it. When we got to Washington airport, it was getting pretty dark outside; at least the journey was over?. I thought. After the checking out was done we had to find our way home, my dad, so we proceeded to the waiting area. As we walked down the hall, I was the first to see my dad for the first time in three years and at this point, I couldn?t think of anything else other than run and get to him before he disappeared for another three years. As I got closer, for the first time in my life I saw my dad shed tears. These tears were contagious as we all shed them. I was going through so many emotions; happiness as I was seeing my dad, sadness as I realised what I had been missing and also relief that this was all over. ...read more.

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