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My Journey to Black Belt

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´╗┐My Journey to Black Belt I think that an increase in self-confidence and a heightened awareness of my abilities and limitations is the greatest lessons I learned in my journey to black belt. I feel I am more disciplined, both physically and psychologically, than the ?newbie? of me when I first started my TKD training. However, I think I now approach activities with a clearer goal in mind and am much confident that I will be perseverance until I reach my goal. ...read more.


But after I join TKD I started to know that having negative attitudes will not hurt anyone but yourself, because if you are not happy that doesn?t mean other people are not happy too. So I started to learn to have a positive attitude and a positive thinking, that really made a difference in my life because I am not unhappy anymore or you can say im always in a good mood. ...read more.


And Mr. Davidson said ?you are way too relaxed, you think you can break it but in the end you don?t.? and I was like ?ya that?s true.? But the good thing is I broke it second time XD Don?t get me wrong TKD training is still hard stuff, but all you have to do is improvise, overcome, and adapt. These are the three words that kept me going and reached my goal. So common join TKD and experience the DIFFERENCE! MATT DAI ...read more.

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