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My Journey.

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My Journey My head down, I followed the guide take me through factory into my working area. While I walked, my eyes darted around, watching the other employees already at work. As I walked past them, they seemed to have glanced at me, but not really taking any notice. Suddenly the murmer of the guide seemed to stopped when along with the person almost making me carsh into her, she turned around and stared at me looking as if she was waiting for a reply of some sort, confused, I stared back at her. Realising, she repeated quite forcefully "here's your work area", I forced a smile and thanked her. Not taking much notice, she turned around and called to the talking employees and said (to all against my will) "Everyone, this is George, hope you all make him feel welcome" after a few faint grumbles of hello's a bell rang, obviously meaning that a break was over as al the employees got up and started working at the machines again. ...read more.


I worked alone, ate alone and practically lived my life alone after losing contacts with high school friends. My life was a ruin. In time however, after group meetings and other group activities, I started to earn more and more respect by my fellow employees with my sense of humour and coincidental things I did (most done accidentally) caused more and more of my fellow colleugues to take notice of me. By second year I had worked there, all the people on my level enjoyed my presence, my life at work and outside was becoming more enjoyable everyday. All the skills I had learned at high school was worth it as my quick comments, jokes and comebacks really got my friends to enjoy me for the person with always a joke up his sleeve. By the forth year I could aproach anyone to ask and get a proper answer. ...read more.


I later realised that is was the enourmous change of location. My old job was situated right in the centre of the metropolitan city, now, the country side. I now look out the window and see nothing but endless grass and sometimes even a cow. I miss the tall glass buildings, the smell car fumes coming from the hundreds to thousands of cars down below and the noise of the noisy, busy city. I have come from a total success in the eyes of many, to a person who no one even notices now. This journey I have taken is not only the physical one I have taken from the city to now the country, but also a journey which I found self-identity. I found that my personality does not just suite anyone, anywhere. My journey does not have a happy ending because I am still working in the country factory, but what the journey has done has impacted on my life in a way no physical journey can do. ...read more.

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