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My Left Foot directed by Jim Sheridan and My Big Birkett by Lisa Shanahan. These two texts show two completely different experiences of growing up

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Persuasive Essay Growing up is a challenge for all, but some people have to overcome insurmountable odds to reach their full potential. Everybody?s challenge is unique. Some people have to struggle with disabilities or have to care full time for sick relatives and are forced to grow up quickly, where as some have a more relaxed, yet in their own way, still chaotic experience with growing up. The texts that illustrate these aspects of growing up are the film ?My Left Foot? directed by Jim Sheridan and ?My Big Birkett? by Lisa Shanahan. These two texts show two completely different experiences of growing up and they each show the challenges that children go through as they make that important transition from childhood to adulthood though their mistakes, decisions, and triumphs that mould them into the person they will become. The texts that I have chosen illustrate, in my opinion, the three critical challenges faced when growing up. Being accepted by society for who you are is an extraordinary challenge involved with growing up. This idea is particularly expressed in ?My Left Foot? as Christy Brown struggles to express himself with insurmountable odds against him because of his cerebral palsy to show the people around him that he is a normal thinking human being and that they should accept him. ...read more.


She says to Christy ?You know you?re the nicest out of the lot of them and just my size too.? Christy radiates happiness and shyness and his brother?s tease him while he shifts around shyly and smiles sheepishly. Throughout this banter the camera is only focused on Christy, showing that this is an important moment for him. Encouraged by that kiss, mistaking it for genuine affection, Christy expresses his feelings for Rachel by painting a picture and composing a poem for her. Christy demonstrates extreme determination and manages to overcome what would seem to be insurmountable odds, that is, being able to express his love for Rachel. However Christy becomes heartbroken when she returns the picture and says, ?I can?t take it, sorry.? Heartbreak requires healing and through healing you learn that pain is just another aspect of growing up. The real challenge, however, is to overcome that pain and move on to face a new day. Christy manages to get through this traumatic rejection and learns to face a new day. This act of taking a risk and expressing your feelings for another is also expressed in ?My Big Birkett?. The insurmountable odds that Raven has to overcome are not only plucking up the courage to express his feelings in the first place but also the disparity between their social status. ...read more.


Decisions are something that moulds us into the person we become because it shows a true side to our character. Gemma?s decision to go to Raven?s house shows that even though Raven, at first, is a shady character, she is truly kind and doesn?t want to hurt him. Christy?s decision, in ?My Left Foot?, to protect his father?s honour, shows that he is truly loyal to his family and loves his father very much even with all his faults. Growing up involves many challenges, some of them being; learning how to be accepted into society, as shown through Christy trying to express himself despite his disability in ?My Left Foot? and through ?My Big Birkett? through the negative public perceptions of Raven and his family; discovering love for the first time shown through the unrequited love between Christy and Rachel and the unrequited love between Gemma and Raven; and learning to make the right decisions shown with Christy deciding to honour his father and Gemma deciding to ignore the prejudices of others and trusting in her own beliefs. I believe that these challenges help mould children into the adults they will become. They also help them to learn how to reach their full potential and to learn how to overcome insurmountable odds that may block their path. ...read more.

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