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My legs felt numb from the hours of desperately running. Peter, do you know where we are going?

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Bang! ?Are you alone?? asked the voice softly. ?I know who the thief is, I saw him, please don?t kill me?. Jim quickly retrieved a black notebook from his back pocket and steadied his pen. ?The man was wearing white, a?a?a? white t-shirt with blue jeans. He has the most petrifying eyes I have ever seen in my entire life, his hair, as black as coal, his body, as big as a rhinoceros. He has a sharp nose and a scar consuming his entire face. As Jim gradually drew the face, a familiar face appeared on the page. Jim glared at the notepad in contempt, ?I knew it?. I panted heavily. I had never run this far in my life. My legs felt numb from the hours of desperately running. ...read more.


As a lazy breeze flicked the overhanging leaves, a faint sunlight created a shadowy darkness under the skeletal branches. We needed rest. -Screech- A loud, piercing noise had awoken me from my slumber. The atmosphere had rapidly changed. A thick fog covered the entire forest like a glutinous cloud. It was ominous. It was foreboding. There was a creature nearby, I just knew it. I gently retrieved a Swiss Army knife as I slowly searched the area with caution and prepared myself for the worst. -Roar!- A hideous grizzly bear the size of a car burst out of a nearby bush. It was enormous! As tall as the Eifel tower, as large as an elephant, it charged full speed, shaking the earth with every thunderous stomp. ...read more.


As I approached Peter, I noticed something?something was not right. As I approached Peter, the pain of a thousand needles stabbed me in the thigh. As I glanced down, I realized my entire thigh was ripped apart by the bear! Adrenalin kept me from feeling the horrendous pain. Without an utter of a sound, I watched as Peter heaved the bag of gold upon his shoulders. I watched as Peters entire face was covered by a veil of darkness, making him unrecognizable. I watched as Peter turned his back to me, his best friend, his only friend, his only brother. Peter walks to freedom as I am trapped in this forest, laying here with no hope, no freedom, and no future. I retrieve the handgun, dropped by Peter. Slowly, I raised the handgun, pulling the trigger as tears flowed from my eyes like a waterfall. -BANG!- ...read more.

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