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my life

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The place that I have visited is Pakistan which was the in summer season when the heat was intense. I have many relatives and friends currently living in Pakistan. The culture in Pakistan is completely different to England. My Urdu was not very fluent and I found it difficult understanding people when communicating with them. The only thing that surprised me was the poor people who lived in Pakistan. This made me think about and how better off I am than them. I helped some poor people by giving rupees and food. Another place I had visited was Leicester when my sister has her graduation ceremony. To me and my family it was a special event for us as my sister was to become the first doctor from our family. The day before, my brothers, my dad and I went to Boundary Mills and each brought three pieces suits for ourselves worth �200 each. The following day we arrived at the university in good time at 8am and then bought 3 tickets. We went into the ceremony and it was fantastic. ...read more.


Nobody disturbs me and I can revise properly and concentrate on my work. It is a place lie down on my bed and relax. I remember one time when I had been up a few nights doing my coursework, finally I handed it in. I felt relieved handing it in and that night I was extremely exhausted and could feel myself getting ill. I went to my bedroom and noticed my light had fused so I decided to plug in the lamp. There were two plugs, I guessed and plugged one in but the lamp never switched on. I could not be bothered sorting the problem out so I just went to bed. Suddenly I was woken up early in the morning from my dad. He said to me that there is something burning in your room. He noticed that there was smoke coming out of the side table. We looked underneath and saw an iron facing flat on the carpet. He realised that the iron had been on all night. It burnt through the carpet, under layer and into the wood of the floor. ...read more.


I tried to fight back but it was no use. He laughed at my punches and said that I don't know how to fight. My brother had beaten me up. Once my dad found out the bruises and the busted nose of mine he sent my brother away to live with my sister for a year. I felt so relieved and free that I was looking forward to it as I was starting high school. Stating secondary school was a new whole experience for me. I had to explore the school and know where all my classrooms were. I met new teachers and made new friends. I messed around a lot in the early years of the school but then settled down in the final year. I gradually become sensible and started to work hard in my subjects and gave the exams my best shot. The results day came and I was very nervous, I got two A's and five C's but mostly I was miserable with English as I got double D. At that time I was not very happy with what I had achieved. My teachers looked at my grades and said that I got out standing grades. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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