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My Life as a Roman Slave.

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Last night while sleeping I had a flashback from 2 years ago during the war between Rome and Parthia in 60 A.D. The war broke out when Parthia invaded the Iberian Peninsula so Nero the emperor of Rome attacked Thracia. Soon all of Thracia was filled with roman soldiers. My mom was teaching me how to write when 2 soldiers broke into our small house and took me and my mom. One of the soldiers took me and the other took my mom. The last thing I heard from my mom was her yelling my name "Rufus! Rufus!" The soldier put me on a cart with other Thracians and after a day I was in the huge city of Rome. ...read more.


Since Nero, the Emperor of Rome, prosecutes Christians, Christians, like me, have to hide. When I'm done I quickly leave and run home since my master will awake soon. When I arrive home, I go check on my master to see if he has woken up. He has already finished taking his shower so I enter his room and bow down to him and greet him. I help him get dressed and bring him downstairs where the rest of his family is waiting for breakfast. All the slaves wait for them to finish eating breakfast so that they can eat. We slaves eat the leftovers of the family which is not much for the number of people we are. ...read more.


After the master and his wife and children finish all the slaves eat the leftovers. This time I don't get any leftovers from the table so I go steal something from the kitchen. From the kitchen I take a glance outside the window and see flames. I run into the dining room and alert the master that there is a fire outside. The master looks out a window and sees the fire burning the streets and buildings. Soon our house catches fire. I run out of the house to see the whole city on fire. I run as fast as I can without knowing where to go. Then an Idea comes to my mind. I keep running this time in the other direction. Until I arrive at the colloseum which as I expected is empty. I enter the Coloseum. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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