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My Life Story.

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Whenever I've thought about committing myself to writing my life story I've said to myself, "what is there in my life worth talking about?" But then I actually sat down and wrote some events; my life doesn't seem as dull as I first thought. I was born in Winchester hospital at 1:32 in the morning of 2nd march 1988. My dad wasn't there because my Mum had left him because he had had an affair. My Mum brought me up as a single parent for approximately a year. She had help from our family as well. Then my mum met Andy Newman when I was one, thanks to my Nan because he was collecting money from her. They started going out, then, when I was three they "tied the knot". I was their bridesmaid with a little peach dress. That was 6th July 1991. I am an only child because my Dad has what's called a "low sperm count". Its always been upsetting for us all. ...read more.


But the worst thing of all was when my Nan babysat me and when my Mum and Dad came home my Nan said I had been "as good as gold". Ha! A lot she knew. I had been up out of my bed sprinkling grass seed up and down the landing and then I watered it. It cost my parents a little to get that replaced. Then I started my first proper school, Portway Infants, I don't remember much happening in that, or Portway Juniors. My Mum was a dinner lady in my junior school, which often got embarrassing but sometimes it was great having her there. On my tenth birthday we celebrated it in Sydney, Australia with all my family. It was the best time of my life. Soon after the holiday my Nan died (my Dad's Mum not my babysitting Nan). It was such a hard time for us all, not surprisingly. ...read more.


Also Hannah and I went to Centre Parcs together. I remember having loads and loads of sleepovers together as well. At the end of the scale there's the "downs". Once we all got caught in a bit of trouble with the police because we were getting phone calls and text messages from two men in London called Pete and Andy who we didn't know at all. It all got a bit out of control, then our parents found out, called the police and I had to write a statement. We didn't realise until afterwards how dangerous this could have been. One of us could have come up with the idea of meeting up with these men and then who knows? I hope that for the future I do remain friends with the people I know now. We may carry on with our lives, "ups" and hopefully maybe not so many downs" But life just has to keep getting better and better. By Lisa Newman ...read more.

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