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My Locket

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My Locket BY HANNAH WRIGHT Chapter One I looked down the street, packed full business men and woman rushing, picking their path though the mass, on their way to the daily grind. The auto matrons ready for the exertion that lies on the path in front of them. They don't even glance of me, face forward, and ignore all others that are out of their vision. They feel nothing, they move with the swamp oblivions to the world around them focused on their objectives. The apartments, offices, shopping centres, tower above like giants looking down on us. They don't allow me in there I and am just a piece of dirt on their shoes. Dark alley are scattered down the streets, black and gloomy, this is our domain. It's a whole new and different world, an upside down, inside out weird world. I really hate being here but I cannot escape to the auto matrons' world. The huge colourful signs covering the world like a plague, spreading through the 'normal' population. The red, double decker buses adding to the already bad fuming traffic. The Taxi drivers blowing their horns, getting increasingly aggressive, infecting the population. I gaze upon the huge statue of Anteros the Golden Angel, pointing his bow and arrow at me. Anteros was the god of requited love, the avenger of unrequited love. I wish someone in this world would love or care for me. These heartless people around me are stereotyping my kind, always thinking the worst of use They judge the book by the cover; they never open the book and read what's inside. They think that we are all here because we are bad, we gamble, we are addicts to drugs, alcohol and smoking. Well not all of us are like that. Jim sitting next to me was thrown out of his house, because he lost the job due to the credit crunch. ...read more.


I just have to remember what we did in gymnastics, I took a run up three strides one ..........I have to make this, two..........I can't get caught by him, three............... come on I can do it. I jumped gripped my hands on the fence and hoisted my legs clear of the fence, I vaulted the two meter fence. He did the same and caught me on the other side; he pushed me to the ground and grabbed me around the neckt. The anger roused in me as he grinned at me in his dirty, wicked, sly way. I kicked out; he fell back and howled out in pain. Like a dog howling at a full moon. The whole of the neighbour would have heard him. But a couple days later he decided to take action. He was furious after I hurt him, he never forgave me. He hated my guts. When mum was out at work and wouldn't be back for another hour and a half. I heard him drive in to the garage. He slammed his door behind him. He shouted my name "BETHANY.....BETHANY" he ran in the house slamming doors looking for me. I knew something was wrong. I sneaked out the back door and waited. I heard him in my bedroom shouting "Bethany don't you hide from me, once I find you...." he trailed off. He trashed my room, through in my books and papers everywhere. I waited till my mum came back. Why......why did he do it, I haven't done anything to him. When mum came home he denied everything "you think I would do that, I came home to this mess, that child is out of control. We need to do something" mum didn't believe a word I said. She gave me the lecture of "If you miss dad it is alright, you can talk to me went ever you want." ...read more.


Elizabeth and Mike exchanged looks. They were in the mid thirties. Elizabeth is quite beautiful with brown hair and blue eyes. Mike looked a bit more official, he had an expensive suit on. I tried to stand up "I better be off, I don't want to be a burden on you anymore" I stud up and walk to the door. "Where are you going?" Mike said as he walked up to me. "Where ever I can" I replied, they are such a nice couple, and they're doing well in life. Then they blurted out "stay with us at least for tonight till you feel better, we don't have anyone else living with us. We have lots of space here; we can't let you go back out there. Please we insist you stay with us". They smiled at each other, picked up my back pack and showed me to a spare bedroom. Chapter 6 3 years later Well now I am with my new family, I love them so much. They took me in from the streets; removed my shame and understood my problems. My other family didn't look for me, they were dead to me. My new family enrolled my into school as soon as possible, gave me my own room and bought me clothes. They treat me like their daughter, a daughter they never had. I have just finished school in the centre of London called 'All Saints'. I am walking away with 10 good GCSE's and 2 A Levels. I worked so hard to repay Elizabeth and Mike for all the generosity and kindness, they are my new family; my new mum and dad; I love them so much. I am going to Cambridge University to study science and politics and have a part time job with my mum and here fashion shop. My locket is still round my neck but now my real family are within my locket and close to my heart. I still love my birth father but Mike and Elizabeth are my saviours. They were not blessed with children, so they adopted me as their own. ...read more.

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