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My memoirs

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Deevya Sethi My memoirs By Jack Merridrew I am Jack Merridrew, when I was younger I went to a cathedral school where I was head boy and chapter chorister. My choir and I were being evacuated from England because of the cold war. None of us knew where we were going, but wherever it was it would be safe. I thought it would be a great adventure but I was certainly proved wrong. This is how my adventure began. We were on the aeroplane, which was taking us to our new destination, when the lights began to flicker and the windows began to shake. The next thing I knew we had crashed. I woke up the next morning to find myself lying on a patch of grass with some of the choir boys. I was not injured but just a bit shocked at what had happened. I didn't have a clue where we were but I knew I would survive somehow. The weather was excruciatingly hot and the air was very moist. I led my choir into the forest where we found lots of fruit. I used not to eat much fruit but I was so hungry I ate as much of it as my stomach would take. ...read more.


I don't know why but I took my anger out on Piggy and his glasses got broken. As usual Ralph stuck up for Piggy like he always did. When we were roasting the pig I knew that Ralph was jealous that he hadn't been part of the hunt, which is why he should have let me become chief because I was more fun then he. One day while I was on the beach a something fell from the air. We all thought it was a beast; I was even fooled at first. When Ralph, some other bigguns and I went to look for the beast, I didn't really know what creature I was looking for. I went up to the top of the mountain alone. There was a huge bulge next to a boulder; I couldn't make out what kind of creature it was. It was extremely dark; I went back up there with Roger and Ralph. It moved. For the first time I was actually scared. But I soon forgot about it because I wasn't really bothered. After I got off the island I never found out what it was because when the investigation team went up to the mountain there was nothing there. While we were having a meeting on the platform, I wanted another vote for a new chief. ...read more.


Most of the boys blamed me for the killings but Roger was also found guilty of killing Piggy. I do not know what happened to the rest of the boys, but I do know that Ralph was let off with just community service. I am writing my memoirs from Celeron detention centre, while serving two life sentences. If I ever get out of here I will visit Ralph and show him the sufferings of solitary confinement. He was also to blame for Simon's death, why should he be let off? I now realise that when I was on the island, camouflaging my face with paint had hidden my true identity, which led me to do many things I wouldn't usually have done. The society we had been in on the island was very different, we were all out of control and there was no one there to stop us. I now realise that killing isn't a game; I saw it as a game because it mitigated the brutality of what I was really doing. The only problem is, I realised it too late. I lost control of my actions and now I have to pay for them. However, I do not regret conspiring to kill Ralph because he is someone I truly hate and I always will. I should have been chief! ...read more.

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