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My Memorable Experience

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My Memorable Experience "I have something to tell you..." There was a pause, her tone was worrying. "It's your grandfather, he's passed away." I was stunned: the grandfather who had always been there for me was no longer there. I could feel someone grinding their fist through my stomach; the pain was unbearable. For the first time ever I was lost for words. Tears started to form in my eyes. I could not contain my emotion. All my memories of my grandfather seemed to rush through my head as I sat in my room isolated from the rest of the world. I had been asked to write a speech for the funeral; it seemed a daunting task at first but as my emotions took over, i found I was able to express exactly what I was feeling. The speech read: My grandfather was a man of few words who enjoyed the simple pleasures of life: a bet on the horses and the odd bit of chocolate. ...read more.


We thought they were infallible and would always be there; now their bungalow stands empty as a shell. The last time I saw my grandfather, he was sitting up in his hospital chair wearing his floral shirt, looking as eccentric as Spike Milligan and with a familiar twinkle in his eye. That's how I'll remember him. The funeral was held in St Andrew's church. I stood outside greeting each member as they arrived. It was a long time since I had seen our family unified but it was a welcome sight. It seemed that old conflicts had been forgotten for this one perfect day on which my whole family would celebrate my Granddad's life. "We will start the service with hymn number 385." The vicar's tone was warming; each of his words seem to be have great significance. He spoke with an intimacy and understanding that I found very easy to relate to. ...read more.


His face was pale; all the blood had been drained from it. He had been dressed in his favourite suit, and he still had a twinkle in his eye. His body was rigid and I remember stroking his face as his flaky wrinkles and hard skin made me feel extremely uneasy. The burial of the coffin followed soon after. The coffin was placed into the soil as the flowers were arranged. The display was elegant but I personally thought that all the flowers in the world would never be enough to symbolise my love for him. After the burial, there was supposed to be a celebration of his life at a nearby restaurant , but as I sat there all I could think about were the great times that we used to have together. As I sat there, it suddenly came back to me, my grandfather's last words: "A good man's life will always be replaced whether it be in the same family, or on the other side of the world." Two years on and my mother had a baby boy. ...read more.

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