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My Mid-night experience

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As I was walking down the street, I felt the cold night air filling my lungs and the sound of my feet echoing with each step that I took. There were no cars going by, as it was midnight there was no sound at all, not even the drunken man that lives just down the street. I was walking under a bridge when suddenly I saw two guys walking over to me. At first I was very worried, like when you know something is going to happen, a bad feeling, but then I thought to myself, why would something happen now? I mean; they were only two guys. Nevertheless, I walked on and pretended not to have seen them, but it seemed they knew what I was doing and walked over to me saying "Do yo av ne fags" and quickly enough I said "no" to try and get rid of them and turned around and continues walking. A few minutes later though they were there again, walking right beside me, so I stopped and asked "What do you want" they did not answer me, therefore, I asked again but this time with a little more emotion, still no answer. ...read more.


I looked down to see my trousers all wet as if someone had thrown a bucket full of water, I saw it was red, it was blood. How had that happened? Suddenly I remembered the knives. Then I knew for sure I had to call the police and ambulance, I looked for my purse and phone but could only find the phone; I rang the police and started walking home very slowly. I got home to hear my mum shouting at me words I did not understand, all I could hear where the words "late" and "trouble", I still could not quite put my head round everything that had just happened; I was in what some people refer to as a state of shock. I heard a knock on the door, and I saw my sister coming downstairs to answer the door and to check if I was ok, I wasn't, but I had to lie as I did not want her to worry. It was the paramedics, they told me to go to the sitting room and sit on the sofa, as did as I was told, and as I did this I started to feel the pain getting stronger. ...read more.


The doctor told me there was nothing he could do today, there was no way he could close the wounds yet. He explained why but I was only half listening. He said he was going to put something on it to help it heal up a bit, before getting the stitches. He said he was going to disinfect it. I saw him get cotton and a weird looking bottle. He thoroughly wet the cotton with some red substance, and gently put it down on my hard sore skin, it started burning. The pain was too much to take, I felt like I was going to fate from the pain, I closed my eyes because looking made me think more of the pain. I could not take it, it was too much for me to handle, and I felt numb. In conclusion to what happened I know that anything can happen to you whether you expect it or not, life will go on. You have to live life to its full, and enjoy it. I also learnt not too complain too much because there are people out there that have been through a lot worse that I have. This is a lesson life has taught me; Live life to its full. ?? ?? ?? ?? Maria Da Silva 11 Borgia ...read more.

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