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My most memorable moment.

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My most memorable moment My name is Melinda Nampiima Kiwanuka. I'm 16years old and my date of birth is 04/07/87. I'm a born again Christian and an active member of my Pentecostal church liberty Christian fellowship. I'm the youngest of my group of true friends, of which the oldest is Sharpe who's 30 and besides me the youngest is Peter who's 18. The rest of my best friends include Arnold-19, Edgar-20, Julie-23, Paidah-25, Brenda-27, and Nicholas/Nicky-29. I have 8 brothers and sisters and although they're not all blood my family is very close and we all love each other more than we can express. I'm a strong young black African woman with full knowledge and appreciation of my cultural background. I know more than I should about life and although this causes many problems I'm grateful for that gift because knowledge is a large step towards wisdom, which is my true goal. I've been through a lot in my life but I'm not complaining because what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, I'm against submitting to the way of any man, because God's far above us all and he knows best We were a team my mum, my sister and I. My dad died when I was five and I don't remember much about him. I'm always told that girls who grew up without their fathers, always live with an empty whole inside. Well I didn't, I've always had a big family and although they're not all blood, sometimes the bond between two strangers goes deeper than the bond between two strangers with DNA ties. ...read more.


I started panicking and thinking about my punishment. I suddenly wished I had gone to the Saturday play club with my sister and cousins. I had to confess everything to Paddy who found it all madly hilarious, probably because he wasn't the one about to be grounded for eternity. Paddy rushed to meet my mum and explain. I sat up waiting for my mum to get back but I fell asleep before she arrived. The next day was a Sunday and we went to church and my brothers and sisters and their mum came down from Manchester. It was a special weekend because the Sunday school had a presentation. My mum and Paddy were glowing, Lillian told me that that was love, but Audrey said that we were imagining things. Well Audrey was wrong because 6 months, later Paddy tricked my mum and threw her an engagement party. This was weird because my mum saw all these people at the church hall and she thought it was a fellowship meeting but Paddy had a changing dress ready for her for when she accepted his proposal. Mum accepted and the general get together turned to an engagement party. She changed into her black and gold dress (which paddy took credit for despite the fact that it was my aunt's choice) and wore her engagement ring with pride. The banner was dropped and my world was flipped upside down. I was happy for them at first then my other cousins planted a seed of doubt within me, which as you'll see later grew into a huge evil tree. ...read more.


14 May 1998 our baby sister Meshazabel was born. She was so active and wild we never had time to fight. Suddenly we all had something that bonded us with our step dad. And everything was o.k. we all still argued like any normal family, only we were far from normal. The baby bought an end to our petty feuds and started us on our journey of love, peace, unity and joy. Most importantly Mesha's presence gave us a motive to handle all negative situations in a constructive way in order to give her a positive start to life. It's so easy to love the people who've always been an important part of you, people who are in your circle of friends or family. But it takes a real loving heart to allow someone to join that circle and trust them to be one with you. It takes a real loving heart to over come your doubts and fears in order to make loved ones dreams come true. We all wanted my mother to be happy and most of us were more than willing to help her get what she needed to be complete. But no one thought it would mean so much sacrificing and trust on our part. Yet despite this challenge we all loved our mother enough to grow to love her husband. Carl's still the man of the house, but he has a partner in crime now. I'm still the D.I.Y director but he's my assistant, Caren's still mum's best friend, but he's mums husband, and we're still a family, but he's family too. ...read more.

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