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My mothers gone my father hates me I cant bare this pain. Ive had enough of life.

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My mother's gone my father hates me I can't bare this pain. I've had enough of life. I've been hearing voices in my head, they said: Kill your self, Don't care, Death, runaway, Blood, Stab, Pain, Sucide. I was sitting in school listening to... well supposed to be listening to Mr McCord rambling on about how you should set out the night's homework, but I didn't care I wasn't planning on coming to school tomorrow. when I got home I went upstairs to my bedroom and sat quietly on my bed staring at the floor. Then my dad called me. I slowly shuffled down the stairs to see what that putrid man wanted. 'what?!' I said. 'That will teach you to get to me quicker when I call you' he laughed. I stormed up to my room and pucnched a wall untill my nuckles were bleeding. The only person I wanted dead more than my self was him. I hated him, absolutly hated him. I went into the bathroom and grabbed the razor, rolled up my sleeve an began cutting deep into the flesh of my left shoulder. ...read more.


But it had no badges so I couldn't tell what it was. I hauled myself on the car using my good arm, stood up and kicked the window through. Now that was a really stupid idea I thought. The glass had gashed my leg open, the pain was crippeling. I fell of the car and landed on the road I crawled over to the side and rolled up my trouser leg and pulled out the bigest parts of glass from my leg. Just then a police car came speeding round the corner with the sirenes on.. In the driver seat was a police man and in the pasanger seat was Mr Jones. Both of them got out of the car when I got up, I hobbled of as fast as I could. As I was running I heard Mr Jones yelling. 'That's him!!' My adrinaline started pumping and I couldn't fell any pain. The police man came sprinting after me. With an ear splitting scream I launched my self through the glass window of the of the little weaponary shop. ...read more.


As I mentioned before the only person I wanted dead more than me was my dad. When I got home my vision was blurred and I was very pale, I was rapidly bleeding to death. My dad was in the kitchen. He said 'You finialy going to die, are you?' I replied 'Not before you.' I then pulled the gun out, using my right hand, and shot him three times in the chest. His insides splattered all over the window. I raised the gun to my head... Closed my eyes and said... 'Good bye cruel world'... pulled the triger, but nothing happened. The gun had jammed. I smashed the gun of the floor... and just my luck, the gun un-jammed and shot me in the leg. I fell to my knees, then on my face. I blacked out after that and remember nothing after that. When I woke up I was in a hospitle with lots of wires attached to me. A few weeks later, and im stuck in a little concrete room with nothing but a book, a big blunt pencil, a bed and a toilet to entertain myself. So don't end up like me! ...read more.

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