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My new life.

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My new life It all started when I started my new school. My mum had just divorced my dad and wanted to make a fresh start in the countryside so we moved to a little place called bude all my life I had grown up in a big city I had a lot to learn about living here. Before we came down here I lived in Durham right in the center my mum and dad owned a pub called The Greyhound it was a nice pup we had lots of friend and the locals were really nice next door to me lived my best friend Sam all our life we had grown up together and were inseparable. Everywhere we went we were together I used to go to a really posh school called Prince Albert school for girls I hated it no boys and we had to were ties and blazers. ...read more.


She said that it takes months to sell houses she was wrong very wrong. About two weeks later we had viewers come to look at the pub they seemed pretty rich I just prayed they wouldn't put an offer in. well now I no there's no god out there the house got sold and the next thing you no im saying goodbye. The hardest part was leaving Sam we both cried but there was no turning back I got into the car and waved my good life goodbye. It took eight and a half hours to get to bude it was a hell of a long journey. When I got there it was about ten o'clock we only had enough time to unpack the car. When I walked in the door I looked around it was so small, my room was like a cardboard box it was horrible. The next day was a big day for me meeting my new peers they all wore blue jumpers and any black trousers ...read more.


He seemed pretty nice. Mum and Dave kept seeing each other nearly every night. It was a Monday night I heard the door smash open it was my mum she was out of her head ive never seen her like this I ran down and said hi then to my surprise she punched me her own daughter my face was throbbing the pain was getting more and more intense I didn't no what had come upon her as she kept on hitting me I didn't no what to do I felt helpless. The next morning I wouldn't speak to her I ate my breakfast and went to school. That day when I got home mum wasn't there I remember seeing a note on the table it said Dear Katrina Im so sorry I have to Leave you this way but Dave Gave me an offer I couldn't refuse Anyway have a nice life Lots of love mam xxx Katie Hetherington 5/8/07 ...read more.

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