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My News Report on the Chilean Miners

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Chilean Miners Jenny 33 miners have been trapped underground since 5 August 2010 when apart of a mine, in Chile's Atacama desert collapsed. Additional rockfalls delayed early rescue attempts and officials warned that there was a slim chance of finding the miners alive. Fortunately, there was success on 22 August when a rescue team's drill managed to break through the area where the men were sheltering, which was approximately 700 metres below the surface. They attached a note that read: "All 33 of us are well inside the shelter." The rescuers are currently sending down "food and medical supplies, specialist clothing, camp beds and other equipment" down a borehole to help them feel more at home as they patiently prepare to escape. The men have found four water sources underground, including two that are suitable for drinking once purified with chlorine. There is a zone of an estimated 1 km for the miners to move around in. ...read more.


There are three drilling operations with three types of machinery - two raise-bore machines, which drill a pilot hole (smaller hole) before widening it; and another drill, which initially drills a wide shaft. This will speed up the rescue plan. The pilot hole for the first rescue shaft (Plan A) started on 30 August and is aiming for the shelter where the miners are kept. The Plan B operation is drilling a pilot hole for rescue shaft 2. The hole is 630 metres deep, it will need to be re-drilled for a few more weeks to reach the miners' location so they can be pulled out. Plan C started on 19 September, it involves using machinery commonly used for oil drilling. Rescue is estimated during mid October. Communication with the miners has played a significant part in making this operation work. Messages from relatives of the miners and necessary supplies have been transported down boreholes in tubes. ...read more.


"In a disaster, if someone gives you a blanket, it's not just a blanket, it's an act of human caring." However, Dr Kevin Fong from the Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme Environment Medicine at University College London thinks that even though "They are isolated in a hazardous environment and the psychological stress will be quite impressive", they will be able to manage it resiliently because "They are likely to be quite tough characters to be doing that job." In my opinion, the best thing to do to keep the trapped miners mentally stable is to keep them involved in the rescue mission to keep them occupied so there minds are kept away from depression. In addition, there could be more communication with them so they are reassured. I think that the miners will suffer some physical damage as well as mental. The conditions underground are very hazardous, there may be toxic fumes and unhealthy air, so this could result in health problems, especially respiratory. Also, lack of proper hygiene could present some problems. ...read more.

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