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My nightmare became reality…

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My nightmare became reality... Crash, boom, the car flew into the air and glass was raining everywhere. A body banged onto the road as if it fell down from heaven, people running, ambulances coming closer and you could see the shocked faces in the morning lights. Voices mumbling from everywhere; "What happened?", "Did someone die?", "Oh no, that's terrible! Will she be alright?" Everybody seemed so worried but none had the courage to look at my aunt while she was carried away to the ambulance. I woke up sweating in my bed. It had all seemed so real, but it couldn't be, it was just a nightmare. ...read more.


I couldn't stop crying... I ran to my room and felt like screaming to God; "Why her? Oh why her? She didn't do anything wrong, she is innocent! Take me instead! Please!" I felt so guilty that I couldn't do anything else to help my aunt but to wait for her to die and to hope this wouldn't happen. The telephone had been ringing the whole morning updating us with the last news about my aunt. She was in a critical condition and the doctors had almost given up, only a miracle could save her now. But no miracles passed by and my aunt worsened every minute, the end was in sight. ...read more.


On that moment you realise for the first time you are never going to see her again. You feel as if there is no point in life anymore and you don't want to go on with it... But you have to go on until you are destined to stop and die in peace. It is hard to understand that within minutes or even seconds your live could be taken away from you without you being able to do anything against it. It is as if everything you try to achieve is pointless because sometimes before you even can achieve your goals you are gone forever. Try to live life well when you are still able to do so, and enjoy your time on Earth because you could be the next one to leave us. ...read more.

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