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My Nightmare

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My Nightmare "Doctor, please help me, after I saw the robbery happened, I cannot sleep well in night. I afraid that I will be nervousness very soon." "Well, or I can help you, please tell me what happened with you?" " Three weeks ago, I saw a robbery happened in a bank, and I have called the police, since then, I was very afraid that the robbers would know I was the one who called the police, so I have a nightmare every night. The nightmare is like this..." 'I was the victim of the robbery, at that time, I was having the lunch in the McDonald's Restaurant which located opposite to the bank. ...read more.


the salesgirl said. "What?" the robber said angrily. 'This made the robber angry; he said he could not wait for one hour. He started to kill people in the restaurant. That's really terrible. All people died, except the salesgirl and I. Then, I saw some smoke coming outside and I felt dizzy. After I woke up, I found the salesgirl was sitting next to me. ' "Do you know he was the one of the robbers who robbed the bank two hours ago?" I whispered. "Yes, but why he does not just killed us at the restaurant immediately?" ...read more.


"Don't be joking, we need to be hurry, if not, the robber will find us." "I am serious, see who am I?" 'My goodness, she suddenly change the face into the robber's face, I really could not believe at that time.' "No, that's impossible! Where is the salesgirl?" " Did you remember that when you were in the restaurant, some strange smoke came out, then, after you awoke, you found yourself were in that house? The salesgirl was one of the robber, we knew that you was the only one who saw us, so we would liked to killed you. " 'After that, he killed me and I wake up.' ...read more.

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