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My Paradise

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My Paradise It was about 7 o'clock in a dark back street of Prague. The light from the street lamps collided with the drizzle to create what looked like almost solid pillars. The drizzle was only light but enough to cause people to hunch over, shielding themselves from the rain. Having said this, not many people were out tonight, well at least not on this street. No one seemed to notice me standing in the porch of the doorway, everyone trudged past minding his or her own business. My fingers toyed with my mobile, waiting. I could feel the Walther P99 situated safely against my ribs; I hoped I didn't have to use, it I hated using it. I waited, patiently, taking in everything; watching for any suspicious activity, but as per usual there was none. Bzzz The silent vibration of my phone. I slid the phone open and read the message. A single solitary word: Now. I set off, pulling the collar of my overcoat higher to shield my neck from the draft. I could feel the cobbles, wet below my feet. I turned right walking briskly; I knew where I was going. Five minutes later I turned down the dark alley, my brisk walk slowed slightly, my body automatically adjusting to the change in light; no street lamps down here. ...read more.


My eyes flew open, sweat flooding my forehead, my heart feeling as if it was about to burst through my ribs. I stared at the bright white ceiling, my breathing slowed and my heart rate went back to normal. It had just been another dream. Just a dream. My head fell to the left, and my eyes caught sight of the scotch glass with the few drops from last night in it. My eyes then flicked towards the half empty bottle of glowing amber liquid. I swung my legs out of bed sitting up at the same time. I winced; the wound was still saw and my arm still in a sling. I felt the wound delicately, careful to press too hard. I traced the scar where they had had to cut me open to retrieve the bullets and patch my ribs back together. My hand withdrew sharply as I thought about that. Reaching for the bottle of scotch, I filled my glass. Downing it in one, I felt the pleasant burning in the back of my throat. This made me feel better almost instantly. I filled my glass again, grasping it as I stood up. I winced again. I then walked through the open veranda doors on to my part of paradise. Pleasantly warm sand filing the gaps between my toes as I walked down the warm, white sand towards the sea. I stared across the water. ...read more.


I turned back towards the water taking a sip of the whiskey; this really is fine whiskey I thought to myself. I stared out to sea again, trying to put everything into context. I don't know how much time passed, it did not matter to me now; I had all the time in the world. Then I felt her small delicate hands slide over my body embracing me from behind, her body was so warm, I closed my eyes appreciating the closeness. I felt her body rise and she went on tiptoes to kiss my cheek; her lips were so soft. I unhooked her arms and turned giving her a closer one armed embrace, her head leaning against my chest. I placed my face in her hair and inhaled; the smell was divine a smell which always made my head pulse. We stood embracing for what must have been ages but wasn't nearly long enough. She let go and delicately held my wrist pulling me back towards the house. I let her lead me following slowly. She climbed into the bed. I placed the glass down on the side and sat on the bed. I felt her hands slide over my shoulders and her hold her body against mine. That night doesn't matter now, I thought, it happened and now all that matters is that I can spend the rest of my life her. I turned, kissing her passionately as we once again showed our love for each other. ...read more.

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