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My perfect holiday

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My perfect holiday As the plane soars into the air I am clinging to my seat trying desperately not to fall out and make a complete fool of myself, though it has never happened and probably never will there is always the fear that it might! Once we reach a good altitude up in the air the plane stops flying at an angle (that I swear is almost vertical) and starts to fly horizontally. With only a few bumps on the journey I am able to catch up on all the sleeping I miss last night due to the pure excitement of seeing the sun, sea and sand! Even though normal I would rather sleep on a nail covered bed in the middle of Antarctica, the small, cold, hard chair seems of little importance as I drift off easily, sleeping properly for the first time in days. When I awake my first though is 'why on earth do I promise myself that I will never sleep on a plane?' ...read more.


27C! Yes! It seems I have not felt the warmth of a double figure temperature in years. Walking off the plane and waiting hours for the bags is always the worst bit of the holiday so I intentionally erase it from my mind! (I do not want to remember this holiday for me waiting in a small dark room with 30 other families for what seems like hours to receive a mountain of clothes that we don't end up wearing!) Lying on the beach the next day it seems like I have been living in this paradise all my life. With the waves crashing against the sand and the sun beating down on me, giving me the tan all my friends will be so jealous of, this really does seem like a heaven on earth. Mom calls to me asking me if I want an ice cream and I reply in a calm tone 'no, thank you, I am keeping to the diet' ... ...read more.


'Ahhh!' I yell (practically deafening everyone around me) as my darling little sister splashes me with water from the pool, signaling that it is time to go for a swim. Even though I love going to play with her I act all cool heading over to the pool because I know that that rather good looking boy across the street is looking and perish the thought that he saw me make a fool of myself again! Sitting at the table in a local restaurant I ponder over what to have for dinner but most importantly what to have for pudding! I always decide on a local dish, who on earth would go to another place in the world and order fish and chips? I finish my dinner and order my pudding (always something that looks like they had to used 500g of chocolate to make) and sit back and relax and wait for 7 more days of exactly the same, relaxing routine! ...read more.

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