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My poems - I am a household moon and sun in one My voice whispers things to you that you dont always want to know

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The Household Moon I am a household moon and sun in one My voice whispers things to you that you don't always want to know I have a tendency to be really bossy and when you see me you often have to do something You hardly ever like what I tell you My face can come in many shapes, sizes, and colours I think that you rely on me far too much, but hey, I rely on something too You can make me lie and I will never give it away unless by another one of me Every second I move in time with my heart beat until it stops altogether ...read more.


It is the thought of loosing. A jagged knife heading straight for me when I am trapped and know there is no way to escape. It is the unknown. Running when my feet can't leave the ground and a tiger with deadly claws is about to pounce. It is destroying. Air clogged up with confused emotions slowly editing away my wellbeing. It is life. Limericks The poor rocking town There was a place called Clock, Where everyone listened to rock, But they all got earache, And the ground started to shake, Those poor old people of clock The troubled girl There is a girl called Joe, Who really hates the snow, Every time it's cold, She put's every thing on hold, That troubled girl named Joe. ...read more.


Flower Delicate and soft, A beautiful gift from earth, Bright and tropical. Sonnet I want to climb a really big tall tree, And watch the sky drift up down along, Then hear the buzzing of a bumble bee, And see a bird tweeting a lovely song. The branch I'll lie on should be very big, It will look like a bed that's just perfect, Nothing like a normal everyday twig, And friend I'll make with a friendly insect. It would be my special heaven on earth, A place that I could always retreat to, Up there I would always be in mirth, There would also be a lovely big view. If only this could be reality, But no it's just a dream from T.V. ...read more.

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