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My Sad Story

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My Sad Story (English Short Story) She spoilt everything for Melinda and me. She told lies about me and kept hurting my feelings until I cried like a baby. Melinda was given a choice to hang around the popular girls or hang around a freak. Guess what she picked? I do not want to hang around myself either. Melinda walked out of my life for permanent and did not look back at all. Well guess how I felt anyway I have to go to my next lesson French. Well I am back and guess what Corey Dylan spoke to me in French and I was so surprised `cause no- one actually talks to me and especially the popular kids and get this Corey asked me if I wanted to go with him to the local High School Dance. Guess what I replied, YES!! Does my life suck, do birds fly of course I would go with Corey. ...read more.


He actually gave me his number but I have been too scared to ring him. So if things do not work out between Corey and me I could always give Tim a ring..Hey want to hear what happens at lunch. You do! well that is very good. Come on then what are you waiting for . "Hi Melanie ". "Hi Jessica is it true you are going to the dance with Corey"? . "Yes why? " "Oh it is just that people have been spreading rumours that he is only taking you so that he can get back at Denise, is this true?" "No and if it was it has nothing to do with you okay?!!" "Bitch! " "Excuse me, but are you talking to me ". So what if I am do you have a problem "? Yes I do and that problem is your face your mother must have been brain dead when she decided to keep you." ...read more.


Hey something good also happened. Well you see Denise's best friend Charlotte or as she says ex best friend and she asked me if I wanted to become head of the cheerleading group here listen to the conversation for yourself. The scene is in the cafeteria, on the popular table. They prefer to call it GIRLS ONLY although boys sit there to. You know where I sat I sat right next to my new boyfriend. Oh my God you will never believe in a million years what happened he was trying ask me weird questions. Anyway you can see how that happened and how I managed to become head of the cheerleading group. "Hey Jennifer, "Hey Charlotte what's up" "Don't look now but Denise is coming." "Where?" "There is she coming over to sit with us." "She better not be. Wait she isn't oh my God she is sitting with those people those boffins? Anyway that lunchtime was the coolest. All of them are so cool. ...read more.

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