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My Scar Story...

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English Coursework My Scar Story... By Daisy Townsend Summer 2003 Seven years ago a night I shall never forgot took place. At the time it appeared to be like any Tuesday evening but I let out a sigh. "When's Dad getting home?" My brother shrugged, paying little attention to me and focusing intently on a television programme that I had no interest in. I glanced at him; his legs sprawled lazily across the sofa and a drowsy expression fixed on his face. Matt rarely looked anything but tired - he was such a lazy person. "Can we change the channel or something?" I fidgeted uncomfortably in my chair, eager to be doing something rather than feeling increasingly bored, as I was then. "Nope." "Can I have some food?" "Nope." "When's tea?" "Dad says I'm looking after you 'til he gets back from work, doesn't he? So just stay here and be quiet. I'm tryin' to watch, y'know." Matt wasn't renowned for his baby-sitting skills. The fact that we were stuck in the countryside surrounded by woods that made the majority of visitors lost meant that Matt was often the only available - and half willing - person. I thought for a second. ...read more.


He had called the ambulance and was unsure of what to do whilst he was waiting for it to arrive. "Just stay still," he mumbled. After fetching a small towel, he put it softly against my back. "Try to stop the bleeding," he explained and held my hand tightly. "It'll be okay," he kept promising me repeatedly. I just wanted desperately for the pain to go away. It seemed like it was hours before the ambulance arrived. I had cried so much my face was swollen from tears and my eyes were puffy and sore. A middle-aged woman hurried into the kitchen, led by Matt. She had a small green bag with her. I couldn't read it properly but Matt explained it was a first aid box, something to help me. "Ahh," she breathed, smiling softly. "What have you done, eh?" I was still crying. "She fell onto one of the pieces of glass," Matt told her. "She was on top of the cabinet. She knocked it off, it smashed," he explained hurriedly. "Then she fell herself." "One of the pieces is in her back?" the woman asked. She was looking at my back. Her hands felt cold and sent shivers down my spine. ...read more.


"Dad! She just moved her eyes! I saw it," Matt's voiced breathed nearby. "She must be waking up." "Darling, are you awake yet?" Dad's soft voice filled my ears. I felt him holding my hand tightly, making me feel safe and reassured. At a tiny pace I opened my eyes and wince from the vividness of the lights. "Daddy," I whispered almost silently, relief filling me. He smiled at me, Matt behind him watching me intently with a wide grin fixed on his face. "I told Dad what happened, Daiz," Matt said. I nodded slightly. "Do you remember me being with you in the ambulance, Daiz?" Dad spoke slowly and clearly. When I shook my head, he explained, "Well you're in hospital. The ambulance woman took care of you, didn't she? They took you here and made sure your back is okay." I remained silent and wondered how they made my back okay and why I had fallen asleep at something so very important. "You've got stitches," Matt told me. "Do you know what they are?" He too spoke incredibly steadily. "It sorta like sowing up your cuts to make them better -" "Matthew," Dad interrupted, glancing at Matt with a smile, "don't scare the poor girl. All that matters, honey, is that you're okay now," he laughed, "And that we can safely say that Matt won't win babysitter of the year!" ...read more.

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