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My school day. My school is located in Fo Tan. It takes approximately twenty-five minutes to arrive at my school by car. My helper wakes me up at 6: 30 AM,

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My name is Lucy chan. I lived in Hong Kong, New Territories, Ma On Shan. I am now in the 10th grade and go to Sha Tin College. I am 15 years old and am an only child. In this article I will share with all you readers what a day in my life is like. My school is located in Fo Tan. It takes approximately twenty-five minutes to arrive at my school by car. My helper wakes me up at 6: 30 AM, but I never get out of bed until 6: 35 AM. At that time I am only partially awake and partially don't know what's going on. Then I brush my teeth, wear my school uniform, shower, wash my face etc. I enter the living room and enjoy the wonderful breakfast that my helper prepares for me every morning. I eat alone in the morning because my mum and dad are still asleep, they are too lucky! I turn on the T.V to watch the news but I mainly concentrate on the time display. ...read more.


These sessions are held by house groups; there are 5 different houses in our school: Tasman, Hilary, Kinsley, Scott and Armstrong. They are all named after famous explorers. Afterwards, we have our morning break. Some students play basketball, while others remain in the form room and either do homework or sit around and relax. But I, like a lot of other student, will go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat along with two of my close friends, Katherine and Stacy. We talk about random things while when eating, so we take forever to eat! But we only have around twenty minutes to eat. After break, I to third period, that usually seems to past away the fastest, because it is followed by lunch time where I can have fun and relax with my friends yet again. We have a fifty minute lunch break, but I normally eat my lunch at morning break. So at lunch time I will hang out with my friends and walk around the school or just stay in the form room and chat about all sorts of different things, such as Korean pop, music, homework etc. ...read more.


At around 7 or 8 my parents will have arrived home from work and our helper by that time will have prepared dinner and we will have a family dinner together. The dishes for dinner, seems to be very similar. There is always rice for dinner, around 4 dishes and a soup. We always have a Chinese style dinner, because my family's Chinese. After dinner I will do some surfing on the internet on sites like: Facebook, Hotmail and YouTube. When I get bored of the internet I will finish off the rest of my homework. I am normally "online" at night and my friends will talk to me and we will ask each other question about essays and stuff. But even though I am not very concentrated in the evening, I am able to finish my homework before 10: 30 and I will take a shower and pack my bag for the next day, so that I won't forget anything. Then I go to bed and have a lovely sleep. This is a day in my life. My day is quite simple, but very enjoyable. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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