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My senior prom, what dreams are made of? I think not. What I thought would be the best night of my life, quickly turned into a very annoying mess.

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Trish Wickiser Matthew Turner English 101-014 September 13, 2010 What dreams are made of? My senior prom, what dreams are made of? I think not. What I thought would be the best night of my life, quickly turned into a very annoying mess. Lets just say I'm not the kind of person who likes to get all dressed up, so naturally who can picture me at prom. For a while I couldn't because of the most important part, the dress, I couldn't find one. Overwhelmed by color after color and whirlwind of short, long, layered, strapless. After about two weeks of looking and three complete melt downs, I found it. It was perfect, the moment I put it one everyone knew it. ...read more.


They were the same shade as my dress. The next station was my actual finger nails; they too were going to be the same as my dress. The lady sits me down with a bowl in front of me and just leaves. Not sure what to do I casually play in the extremely warm bowl of water till she comes back. After she did my nails I sat for what seemed an eternity waiting for everything to dry. But of course I touched my nail to soon and ruined, so the owner made me sit back down and he repainted my nail. After we left the nail salon my cousin dropped me off at home and threatened me to make sure I didn't ruin the nails again. ...read more.


I've been up since nine getting ready and he is just getting dressed. I'm rushing around making sure everything is perfect for when he arrives and he gets there at five forty-five. We rush to take pictures under a big tree to shield us from the down poor. The actual prom is no better, very poorly organized. Once time for the senior walk, all the wasted seniors had to cram in a little area outside the doors. My number to walk was twelve it took thirty minutes to get to me. All the sweat and booze surrounding me was unbearable. Once I was called all I could thing was "don't fall on your face Trish" and with my date walking as fast as he could I almost did. From this whole experience I've learned don't procrastinate, never give your parent a camera, and if your date is a speed walker don't wear three inch heels. 1 Wickiser ...read more.

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