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My Soul Mate.

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My Soul Mate "For man is created in the image and likeness of God who is himself love" (Catechism). Love is an unconditional virtue, a virtue that many men and women strive to achieve within their lifetime. Every person on this earth was made to be with another, and to share the joys of a life together. There seems to be a point in every relationship, where it is questioned whether or not the current kinship shall be everlasting, or soon void. As this situation is questioned, it becomes simple to ponder the exact reasons of why the relationship is. It is believed that a relationship should be based on friendship, love and loyalty. First, while friendship is not always a base to any relationship, it is simple to see why it should be. Friendships are known to last throughout a lifetime. It is shown that 3% of the people met in elementary school are friends for an entire lifetime (source). Friendship proves that two people hold similar characteristics and believe in one another as a source of companionship. ...read more.


To the traditional relationship, love is defined as undying passion and companionship to a significant other. It means, giving up everything for someone else, and allowing for total venerability. If this factor is present in a courtship, assuming that it will become a long lasting relationship is easy to assume. Many who acknowledge their undying love do not allow turmoil to fail a relationship. Giving up and allowing a relationship to break apart is not an option. However, this traditional relationship is not seen in modern society as abundantly as the past. People are getting married simply because the two have a baby together. Others go find a peace of justice, and marry on impulse rather than for love. These current situations are having a drastic effect on divorce rate in America. According to recent studies, the divorce rate has been climbing for the past 8 years. Since divorces are becoming so common, the people see marriage as less binding, something that can be undone as quickly as it was set. This effect is a horrible fact of modern society, people need to redefine their definition of love and learn that the past can be relived. ...read more.


If there is no loyalty, then the trust and love is all lost, and the relationship is left crumbled to rebuild. These horrible effects of unfaithfulness are becoming more and more common, the better option is to grip the quality of loyalty and hold on. In conclusion, it is believed that a relationship should be based on friendship, love and loyalty. All of these three attributes combine to cause a wonderful relationship. However, some chose not to accept these, and the effect is a burdened relationship, complete with all the stresses that come with it. Although the past records hold fewer divorces, it is not guaranteed that those relationship were not better off separate, it is guaranteed however that those relationships were more likely to show friendship, love and loyalty to one another. Society needs to understand that freedom is a wonderful thing, however what is chosen of this freedom will matter in the end. If it is chosen to not befriend another or give love, then he will live a lonely life. Rather if it is chosen to be unfaithful to another, it is seen that nothing positive will result. Friendship, love and loyalty are wonderful attributes that any person should be grateful to possess. Sarah Glick ENG102 11:40 April 7 ...read more.

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