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my speech on the main themes in the novel "The Chrysalids"

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Everyone: Good morning teachers and friends :) *remember to smile :) a good presenter is the one who smiles :) LOL don't say that out loud its just a reminder :P* Subiksha: Today, we are going to be presenting to you about three main themes from the book, which is, genetic mutation, eugenics and evolution and telepathy and the future. We would be covering the definition, examples from the past, why and how they occur and how it is relevant to the book. RJ: firstly, what is genetic mutation? Genetic mutation is the changing or altering of the gene's structure which results in a variant form either physically or mentally and can be passed down to subsequent generations. Deborah: Why and how does genetic mutation occur? It occur due to events that alter the genetic structure of the DNA. These events include, DNA damage from environmental agents such as radiation. Radiation, can alter the DNA within the cell. mutagenic chemicals, such as transposons, can insert harmful chemicals that can alter the gene's activity. ...read more.


Akshaya: Why do people practise eugenics? It is for the development of the society, improvement of human hereditary traits and promoting the breeding of species with the desirable traits and characteristics. So how is eugenics practised? Reproduction by flawed people was discouraged and reproduction by people presumed to have inheritable desirable traits was encouraged. RJ: Example from the past was the practice of eugenics after the Civil War where eugenicists strived to create an America free from genetic defects. Some of these undesirable traits are poverty and alcoholism. Thus, a sterilization law and a marriage law were introduced. Hitler, was another example. He, himself, is a big supporter of Eugenics and thus, "useless" people were killed and forced sterilization was introduced. Subiksha: Examples from the novel include the examination of newborn babies by the inspector to eliminate the imperfect beings and the great horses which are created to increase the society's profit. Erica: Why is evolution practised? It is so because people believed in survival of the fittest. ...read more.


Jacqueline: How is telepathy practiced? Although this method has proved only to be 63% effective, the most important aspect of telepathy is concentration, calmness and determination. The process and important notes such as the need to belief in the concept of telepathy can be seen in the slide. Subiksha: Although telepathy has been studied for many years, many speculations are still theories without enough proof or scientific reasoning.Some examples from history are the experimental findings such as the sudden thought or uneasy feeling a person gets when their loved one is in danger. A person's emotional state and their conscious level, can also affect how easily someone is able to use telepathy. Deborah: Some of the theories over the ages is a theory by a greek philosopher, Democritus, a belief by a British chemist and physicist William Crookes, a theory by the soviet scientist L.L. Vasilies and most recently a belief by an American psychologist, Lawrence LeShan. Examples from the novel include David and the other few people who can talk through their minds. Everyone: thank you :) we hope that you enjoy our presentation. :) ...read more.

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