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My Story - It all started when I was driving down Bullet Avenue. I was on the night shift, I work for the L.A.P.D, and I'd been working for L.A.P.D for longer than I care to remember.

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MY STORY It all started when I was driving down Bullet Avenue. I was on the night shift, I work for the L.A.P.D, and I'd been working for L.A.P.D for longer than I care to remember. I've seen a lot, a lot of nasty things that most people wouldn't want to know happen or see happen for that matter; some call it the stuff of dreams, I call it the stuff of nightmares. Anyway, a familiar voice mumbled out of the radio. It was my mentor Jimmy, he had shown me the ropes when I was just a kid, we went through the good the bad and the very ugly, he was my friend if there was at least one person I could trust in this world it would be Jimmy. I remember what he said like it was yesterday 'Hey Max, we had a report of a disturbance in some apartment block on 6th Avenue. Could you go check it out?" I naturally said yes. I took a left at 4th because of the road works ahead. When I arrived I got out of the car and there was this certain coldness in the air, a sick smell that normally told me something wasn't right. ...read more.


I leaned to the side and with a forward role into the room I swung my gun out and was ready to face the culprit but I was faced with something almost completely different and more horrifying. A dead women her cold dead eyes and the pail expression told me that she had been the victim of a vicious stab wound this was confirmed by the incredibly horrific gash in her side, throat and left leg. By the way she was dressed I'd say she was a prostitute but the question was who killed her and who her client was. Instead of the average everyday cops who just ask questions and sit in there cosy little office eating donuts, I think actions speak louder then words so I get out in the field, probably because I don't have a home life, that had been taken away from me along time ago but back to the situation in hand I started to look through her possessions. I new it was her apartment because I recognized her face in the photos sprawled out on the bed-side table. I found various documents that suggested that she hung out with the wrong type of people in simple terms people who had various powers around town "gangsters". ...read more.


it looked at least 500 pounds just when I was reflecting on my life and thinking of the shattered dreams and lost loved ones. I then caught a glimpse of a shiny object in the corner of my eye. I had been given a second chance it was an axe I grabbed it with a tough grip and saw my target I ran towards the cabinet swinging the axe about like a man possessed the axe hit with such a force that the cabinet doors shattered like glass on a concrete floor. It gave me new hope so I kept hacking and hacking the cabinet disappeared within a flash one swipe with the axe and the door was gone too. I jumped out on to the peer and made a leap for the water the cold icy feeling numbed me to my brain while I was submerged all I could hear was the almost fatal sound of the pizza place becoming a crater in the ground. After this experience the option of lying low looked good to me so I spent a bit of time sweating it out in my friend Jimmy's apartment. Then I would be back on that case like a kid eating cake. ...read more.

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