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My story-writing to describe

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My Story The blade glistened in the moonlight, and the air chilled against my skin. It was time. Slash: the blade was now red, deep red. My second kill was a lot easier than the first, but it's not over. The body is starting to smell now, I guess I should leave, then I can tell you why I killed for the second time tonight, and the second time in my life. I'm back in my car I need to visit someone, I can smell the blood on my clothes, it's a dark night the air is heavy the moons gone now, only the broken street lamps to show me the way, but it will do, it will have to do. So now I'll explain what's going on and why I killed someone. I started the day like any other and went to work like normal, but when I got home, something was wrong, I couldn't hear my kids shouting and playing like they normally do, in fact I couldn't hear anything just a dead silence. Something was wrong. I could feel it in the air. I opened the door and instantly I knew something was wrong and nothing was how it should be. Lucas and Jake weren't shouting and playing as they normally are and my beautiful wife Brooke wasn't here to welcome me home. ...read more.


When I killed the first murderer he told me who he worked for, a local guy known for his dodgy dealings, and he's my target but he's sure to have protection so I need to get help, here I am, number 1 the Valley home to my only brother. My brother, Jason is three years younger than me and similar to me in many ways. But unlike me he has no children or a wife, or I should say what I used to be like, now I have nothing. I can't believe this is happening to me I'm just a normal guy with a normal job with a normal family. We're driving towards vengeance I knew my brother would help me, as soon as I explained the situation he picked up a knife and was ready to go. While we're driving to our final destination I'm wondering why did all this happen? Why my family? Why me? Maybe ill find out why but really now all I want is revenge. We are nearly there I can feel my blood pumping in my veins, my heart beating so fast. My hands are trembling, shaking but I must get my act together you can't kill when you're shaking. We're finally here I can see the hangout. ...read more.


'You killed my family. Now come here and suffer' 'Do you know that your family screamed, begging for their lives, especially your youngest. Do you know why I killed them'? A large smile was on the thugs face as he spoke. ' Because I was in the mood for some fun.' He ran towards the thug blade out and aimed straight for the heart. The thug took his blade and tried to parry off his attack but it didn't work. The thug was on the floor, his blood pouring out onto the stone floor. He was surely dead. As this was happening, the thugs' friend had walked quietly towards the car and had pulled out a gun behind his back. He then jumped into his car, aimed his barrel, shot and then drove off. I never thought it would end like this well at least I got my revenge I'm now at peace ready to move on. Wow so this is what it feels like to take a bullet to the chest, not quiet what I imagined but painful enough. 'No you cant die you're my only brother, I love you, breathe please breathe.' cried Jason, who now had him in his arms. But it was no use. He was dead. Now it was Jason's turn for vengeance. I know a number plate and that's good enough for me I will get vengeance for my brother. Now my story begins. ...read more.

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